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  1. galmase

    Build Thread IM 100 INT Peninsula free giveaway build

    So quick story… I participated in Innovative Marine’s free July 4th giveaway for a 100 INT Peninsula with white APS stand few weeks ago. I forgot about it and days and weeks went by. Well last week I found out I won! woot!woot! And today it finally arrived! Not sure yet on the build details but...
  2. Adrift

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 96x24x21 work in progress!

    Hello everyone! I finally decided to rejoin the hobby! I’m a little late on starting this thread so I will add a bit in due time for timeline purposes. I got out of the hobby nearly twenty years ago while I was in the Navy. I told my now current lovely bride for the last 10 years how much I...
  3. JC Reef

    Nano Build NUVO EXT Lagoon 50 Build

    My newest build was acquired through a very unusual scenario. It was March 31st and I was at the children’s hospital with my wife and nine-month old son. He had just gone through a tethered spinal cord surgery and we were all exhausted. The @MarineDepot Facebook giveaway was just 3 hrs. away...
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