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  1. WWC

    WWC Fragtoberfest Live Sale 2021! 3700+ frag at up to 80% off!

    Click HERE or on the Image above to go straight to our AFTER SALE! Please note that you will need to pay for a shipping module if you haven't already. Mach dich bereit für ein paar Korallen! Wir gehen zur Party! Over 3700 frags will be going up during this sale at discounts of up...
  2. reefpizza

    WWC lighting schedule 1500G

    Quick question for anyone that know for sure if the lastest Mobius profile related to the 1500G is for Radion gen5 pro or blue? They dont' specify on the website... Thank everyone
  3. WWC

    World Wide Corals Tax Craze LIVE SALE! Up to 80% OFF!

    CLICK HERE Shipping during the sale and after will be $29.99 ($19.99 for FL residents). Purchase your shipping unit as soon as possible to secure your delivery date as shipment numbers are limited by day. Buy Shipping Unit Here! You only need to pay for one shipping unit. Just use option...
  4. Brittanyjo

    Monster Build Holes have been made

    This has been 1 year in the planning and 20 years in the imagination. I am excited and nervous; today I was like oh wait..... NOPE. Holes have been made. This picture does not show the hole that goes in the back wall so I can access it from the back. This tank is 120" X 30" X 30" glass...
  5. DominantWhiteShark

    Build Thread Kid Doctor/Fish Doctor - 100 Gallon ProClear Custom Build Thread

    Hey Reef2Reef! Been considering a build thread but just never had the time...until now! I'm a pediatric resident physician so I have VERY little free time but I use the tanks and care to decompress when im not taking care of the kids! Very therapeutic! Ive been in the hobby my whole life...
  6. WWC

    World Wide Corals 13th Anniversary LIVE SALE! Celebrate with us!

    Come celebrate 13 years in business with us! 3,100+ frags in 32 hours, plus over 300 $5 frags, and Raffle Prizes! The sale starts Saturday July 25th 9AM and continues for 16 hours until 1AM EST. Then restarts Sunday July 26th at 9AM and continues again for another 16 hours until 1AM Monday...
  7. WWC

    World Wide Corals Tax Craze LIVE SALE! - ReFUN your ReFUND!

    How to Survive the WWC Live Sale: Ready to ReFUN your ReFUND? Our Tax Craze Live Sale will have you wondering what just happened! 2500 Frags in 28 hours! Sale is Saturday Feb. 22nd 10am - Midnight and Feb. 23rd Sunday 10am - Midnight! We will post "what you see is what you get"...