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    New Aquascape, what do you think?, Jan 7, 2018
  1. Xavierwally

    Greetings fellow reefers,
    I have a 40 gallon Breeder tank that is 10 months old. In it I have 3 fish (1 Ocellaris Clownfish, 1
    Blue/Green Reef Chromis and 1 Clown Goby, Citrinis) and 40 LPS corals.

    My addiction to corals and walking into Petco a week in a half ago and seeing the dollar a gallon sale got the best of me. I picked up a 75 gal tank for a DT and a 29/30 gal tank for a sump. Next step, I need to get a stand. I looked at some LFS and online and for the price the stands seem flimsy at best.

    I will be using the following from my old tank:
    30 lbs of live rock
    lighting - (2) AI Prime HD for lighting
    ATO - Tunze Osmotator 3155

    I ordered some items:
    Return Pump - Sicce Syncra 3.5 660gph
    Overflow - CPR CS102 with Aqua Lifter (because with my luck I try to drill the tank and it cracks)
    Heater - Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 200W
    Powerhead - (2) Hydor Koralia Evolution 1500 gph (with Hydor smart wave controller)
    Live Sand - 60lbs of Carib Sea Special Grade sand
    Internal Skimmer - Aquamaxx FC-120
    Refugiums Light - UFO Light 150W Led from Ebay to grow chaetomorpha
    Sump kit - from eBay to turn the 29/30 gal tank into a sump with 3 compartments with 2 filter

    Will the powerheads be to much flow for a LPS tank? I might try to get some SPS corals about 6 down the line, or should I go for the Koralia Third Generation 1350 gph or Koralia Evolution 1150gph. Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated. My 40 breeder has a hob filter and this 75 gal will be my first sump as a filter.

    Time to make a stand:
    I will try my best and do a diy stand. I will be making a stand with 2x4, 1/2 inch plywood and 1/4 inch birch plywood. I will use the 2x4 for framing the stand and the 1/2 inch plywood for the bottom and top shelf of the stand. Last I will use the 1/4 inch birch plywood to wrap the outside of the stand. I will also use 2 different moldings add 2 doors, use about 1 lbs of stainless steel 2 1/2 inch screws and some finishing nails #16x1-1/4 inch for the 1/2 inch plywood also #16x3/4 inch for the birch plywood. My idea is to prime the stand and paint it black.

    First step make the frame:

    Next step will be using the 1/2 inch plywood to make the bottom and top shelf.
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