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    ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Feb 9, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    ** Saturday Update on my @MarineDepot control panels **

    First, I have to paint my cabinet area white today and I am going to be planning on finishing up the two @MarineDepot panels that I sourced. They are not cheap but they are worth every single penny. You can feel free to try to source the material elsewhere but in the end, you will pay more than what I PAID for these at MD panels.

    MD PANEL1 Dexlue Version for all of my #Apex Gear: 2 FMM Mods / #WXM mod to control my MP40QWD's and my #Avast Marine break outbox

    2Nd MD panel is for all of my pumps, skimmer controller and all of my power supplies.
    I will most likely be buying a 2nd Neptune 832bar and mount that where the Kill-A-Watt power supply is located.

  2. Sandbox's Dream Peninsula, Feb 8, 2019
  3. FLSharkvictim

    @Sandbox - Very nice build thread mate!!
    How do you like that ATO system you bought, since it's fairly new?
    I went with the ATK Kit since everything will be integrated w/ #Apex.
    Any new updates on which sump you went with?
  4. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Feb 2, 2019
  5. FLSharkvictim

    I picked up @ my LFS Grand opening, just 1 - #Apex 1 '' Flow Sensor that will be installed on my return pump so I can keep track of how much flow I have running through my returns!
  6. SCA 50 cube build, Feb 1, 2019
  7. Mr pink

    Got my #apex programmed and mounted today. Second slide is my water change station. 90 gallons of water ready to go. 30 RO, 30 salt, and 30 ATO. not as neat as I want it, but it’s functional. Cycle is going well. Ammonia is just about zero, now just waiting on nitrites to fall. #reef #sca50cube #spstank

  8. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 31, 2019
  9. FLSharkvictim

    @lbacha - Picked up my new Auto Top Off kit for my new build!! Instead of going with an Avast ATO set up, I Got the #Apex ATK module so everything will be fully integrated.
    I just need one more #Apex module to control my #EcoTechMarine #MP40QWD's, which is there WXM module. Next, I will be adding another MD Panel for all of my EcoTech Marine Controllers, Tunze Controllers, Reef Octo Controller, and a few others!

  10. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 27, 2019
  11. FLSharkvictim

    ** New Update **

    Since I have decided to go with all Neptune Apex gear to controller everything, I have picked up some more #Apex goodies. I got the Neptune #ATK Auto Top Off module, 2 Low Profile Leak Detectors, and 2 Neptune OS-1 Optical Level Sensor w/ Mounts.
    I bought the 2 extra Optical sensors to install in my Synergy 10-gallon matching Reservoir to alert me for high and low levels.. Ones, It hits the low sensors, my ATO will automatically start filling up my Synergy 10-gallon reservoir.
    Ones it hits the top sensor will automatically shut off my RODI, so there will be no salt creep. I still have to get my WXM module to control my pair of Ecotech Marine MP40QWDS.


  12. Alex´ office tank setup 140g / 550l, Aug 2, 2018
  13. Skragan

    Sorry for not updating, but as you may have heard, I just received a knee replacement and I’m now in rehab. My tank is still up but not maintained perfectly, still a lot to do. I’m excited that when I get back, I’ll work some more on it and I already received more equipment from #Apex, so that will be fun!

    #officetank #giesemann

  14. My 72 Bowfront Build Revised Thread, Apr 15, 2018
  15. jsker

    Tahda Auto water change is up and running. Since all you slackers did not answer my #Apex questions:oops::p:D no video for you!!

    I am looking to write a conductivity statement for the DOS, if the salinity is above 33.2 the new saltwater stops dosing and the old saltwater keep with drawing water so that the ATO brings the conductivity back in line. @Fudsey this will answer your question to why I would like my conductivity reading to read correct ;):)

    I am also looking for a statement for timed intervals for my powerhead/stirrer in the new AWC reservoir to cycle twice a day for 30 minutes.

    @Chrisfish Mama was on the Mac all day no video;)
  16. Dinoflagellates - dinos a possible cure!? Follow along and see!, Mar 29, 2017
  17. FLSharkvictim

    Let me know your thoughts if I am eliminating Dinoflagellates the proper way in my 120 display? See below on the pictures I have below: I have few LPS frags and a few soft corals the and the rest are fish! The Dino is just starting to grow on my rocks within the last 2 weeks or but it's not getting any better, so here are the steps I will be doing to properly get a handle on this stuff. Currently, my PH is very low READING @ on my #Apex Controller @ 8.17 and I am in the process of moving it up to 8.4 ish! I added a Peri Pump from BRS that's connected to my Avast Kalk Stirrer and the pump pushes out 50mls per minute of kalk water to stabilize my Cal, Alk, Mag and my PH.. I just hooked up and its been running for about week now and I still haven't been able to hit that sweet spot yet. I just ordered two float switches so when my Peri pump gets to a certain level in my ATO storage container, my Apex Breakout box will cut the pump off instead of it running off a timer. The float switches will be able to turn the pump on & off ones it gets to whatever level I set at which will be right above my TUNZE ATO.. My plan of attack is the following - cut back on my feeding to a 1/2 of a cube instead of a full cube per day, weekly 10-gallon water changes & change out my GFO & carbon every other week or until it's exhausted. If you happen to have any other ideas on how to deal with this stuff before it takes over the entire, please advise?

    120 display
    Ecotech M1 pump
    Apex Classic with a Salinity probe
    Apex ALD Module w/ 2 Leak Detector probes
    Apex PM2 Module
    BreakOut box
    Skimz 163 DC Montzer Series skimmer
    Custom sump / Refuge
    2 TUNZE Turbella 6055 Pumps
    2 AI Hydra TwentySix HD LED Fixtures
    Celestial C35W Maxspect Refuge Spotlight
    Aqua UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer 25w
    BRS Dual Media reactor
    Eshoops IV Master & Slave Doser
    Tunze 3155 Auto Top Off
    Avast Kalk Stir - K1 Model

  18. ****Getting out sale****, Jan 6, 2017
  19. bigsarge81

    Ive added a couple other items

    Shutting down for a while, Below is a list of Coral & Livestock I'm selling. Once all the livestock is gone then the equipment will follow shortly after. Check out my second post for equipment. PayPal for holds & payments however cash is the man on these streets [​IMG] if its has a P* or P# its pending sale.

    All fish and coral are happy and healthy!

    Note: All sales are final and if you put a deposit down, you're committed to purchasing the item. This is only fair to everybody.

    PM is key and will be checked frequently. First to contact with a deposit secures the item or items.

    If the buyer wants to pay for shipping I can make that happen.

    I will NOT be shipping unless the buyers wants to pay for shipping. We can meet in Springfield or within a reasonable distance. I'm located in Springfield, VA.

    I will not be providing my address until PayPal funds are received. The day we are scheduled to meet I will send you my address. [​IMG]

    Happy viewing

    Purchased from Gweber, pics are from his post when I purchase the frag.

    P *Retina burner suharsonoi $35
    P*Ora ice tort $20
    P*Purple slimmer $15
    P*Ice echinata $20
    P*Ora Frog skin $10
    P*Rainbow pocci $15
    P*Highlighter stag $15
    P*Deep blue tort $25
    P*Blue poly pink stylo $20
    P*Darth maul porites $30
    P*Chili pepper monti $15
    P*Mystic monti $20
    P*Sunny D $20
    P*Nuclear greens $15
    Purchased from customride0105 some of the pics are from when I purchased the frag from Brad

    P*Green acro from macna $20
    P*red digi $20
    P*green cap $10
    P*Jf rainbow monti $25
    P*rainbow gonrnosa $20
    P*Wwc blueberry fields $30
    P*Jf slow burn $15
    P*Rr unknown $80
    P*strawberry short cake $25
    P**Rainbow Lobo $90
    P*Rose bubblre tip small $50
    P*3” golden clam $65
    P*2” blue max clam $65
    P**Tricolored showpiece super A huge $40
    P**Neon hammer huge colony $125
    P**Purple Tipped Green Hammer $40
    P*Clove Polyps $35
    P*Maze Brain Coral $25
    P*Gold Aussie Hammer coral 4 heads $180
    P*Frog spawn neon green with other colors $80
    P*purple monti cap $25
    Favia Green with red $25
    P*Yellow and pink rock nem $40
    P*galaxia coral $20
    P*Goniopora $25
    P*Alveopora $20
    P*super christmas favia $25
    P*Reverse Prism favia $15
    P*dendrophyllia $20
    P*mystic sunset monti big $45
    P*mystic sunset monti small $35
    GSP free with each purchase if wanted while It's still available. as well as cheato

    P*5+ candy apple green $20
    P*10+ fire and ice $20
    P*10+pink gobstopper $20
    P*10+Rasta $20
    P*10+ eagle eye $20
    P*UNK alien eyes & ink green/orange mini colony $20
    P*UNK Green purple red $10

    """Live rock""""" Flat or shelf pieces, most of the rock has encrusted parts left from the coral being placed on it.
    $2.50 per lbs


    [​IMG]*****Lighting Clown fish 3"ish $150***** [​IMG]

    *Large rainbow speckled RBTA $70
    P*File fish $30
    Blue hippo med-large $75
    Anithas male and female M$59 F$49
    P*4 blue chromes $10 for all 4
    P*Fire fish $10
    P*Yellow tang $20
    P*2 bangi pajama cardinal $20
    ARC hawk fish $20
    P*Sand sifting star fish 4” $15
    *baby starfish red $20


    Cad lights (71”x23.5”x21.5”) 165 gallon Artisan II $1,500 obo [​IMG]
    *low iron ultra clear glass
    *conversion kit brand new metric to US plumbing
    *White cabinet 36” tall piano finish oil based paint

    P*Bubble king 180 "official " $800
    P#Vectra L1 $450
    P#Wav pump x2 $200
    P#PAFS $100
    P#Aqua box Black 53 gallons 4 chambers sump $450
    P#UV $75
    P#Kalk stirrer $50
    P#Apex $650
    P#ALD $30
    P#ALD sensors x3 $15 each or $35 for all three
    #Pmup $25
    #Flipper max $35
    #Flipper small $25
    #BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor Deluxe x2 $40 each or both for $70
    #Red sea seawater refractometer $25
    #ATO air pressure switch $20
    #Avast mag ATO digital Apex breakout box wiring $25
    #Apex breakout box $20
    #mag-float $5
    #Float switch x2 $5 each
    P*Danner supreme Aqua Mag 7 water pump $45
    P*probe holder $10
    #ViaAqua million air BP-180 Battery air pump $5
    frozen fish food defroster $10
    P*Two little fish veg mag x2 $15 each
    P*Milwaukee seawater refractometer $50
    coral frenzy $5
    Dino X $20
    #Two little fish KW reactor 300 $25
    #Innovative Marine aqua gadget mini max with pump $50
    Hanna Checker water color $ 20
    Hanna Checker phosphate $ 20
    Salifert test kits
    -pH $5
    -ALK $5
    #Red Sea test kits
    #-Reef foundation pro $20
    #-Marine care $20
    #-Algae control $20
    #-Coral color pro $20
    Small box BRS 2 part complete $10
    large bag MAG $5
    dig outlet $10
    Fish trap $35

    QT tank system $50 included below
    -Hang on the back filter
    -Air pump big
    -Air pump small

    I'll trying my best keeping up with all the Pm's. If you haven't gotten a response from me already, then I'll restart again the next morning in the order they were received. Thanks for all the views [​IMG]