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    Minimalist Aquascaping, Jan 25, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    Instead of going with what I posted earlier in this thread I have since changed my mind on my #Minimalist #Aquascape for the new SCA Rimless Build.
    Since you can no longer buy #Ultra #Premium #Fiji live rock and I mean the old school stuff that I had bought in 2004 for my mixed reef 120.
    I am in the process of recuring around 50 pounds of it in a #Brute Garbage which will be cycling for about 3-5 weeks until all parameters check out.
    Recuring my Fiji Live rock

    To speed up my Cycle, I will be #Aquascaping my SCA150 something like this but all of the #Ultra Premium Fiji will be all locked in place for a nice #Minimalist looking #Aquascape

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  3. FLSharkvictim

    Next, I would like to talk about how much Live rock I will be using for my #Aquascaping for my new build. In the 25 yrs I have been in this hobby, I have always have had a lot of Tonga Branch Live rock and Premium Fiji live rock as well since that's about around the time, I bought it all from my work when I was at my LFS in 2000 thru 2003. A tank with a lot of Live rock like my old 120 mixed reef tank. I will never forget that day I walked into work at my LFS and the owner who was a friend of mine bought a few hundred pounds of old-school Tonga Branch live rock and a few hundred pounds of Ultra Premium Fiji live rock.. What a mistake, since I only bought about 50lbs of Tonga Branch and about 50 lbs of Ultra Premium Fiji. I wish I would have bought more of that Tonga Branch since it was banned for export in 2004 and you can't get real Tonga brach any longer :( !!! Long story short, I got to cherry pick out of a few hundred pounds of this Tonga branch live rock and I grabbed one of the biggest pieces that weight in at just over 22lbs and I bought that pcs since it was considered to be a showpiece and a ton of other pieces that I have sold off.
    I was going to sell all of my Tonga Branch since it's HIGHLY sought after in this industry, due to the shapes and caverns, and ledges you can make w/ type of live rock. I only wish i could get my hands on some of the best live rock you can put in your tank, Mashall Island live rock and WOW that rock was awesome b/.c it was very porous and if i held up a 10lb pcs you would have thought it was a 20lb pcs but that is banned for export too. I just save enough Tonga for a project that I am working on.
    I already bought my center showpiece from a company out of NC and bought two large VidaWaves that are all one of a kind.

    Tonga Braches I had left over from my blow out sale

    I used some E-Marco 400 Mortar kit that's 100% reef save and came up with this structure that will be installed in the back of my tank!

    This how my Tonga Branch Liverock custom pcs came out using the E-Marco 400 Kit - (specs are 32''x8''x10'')

    Here is my Center Showpiece that I had custom made from a company called #aquarocks and he does superior work, let me tell you. He made me a one of a kind showpiece that was (23''x8''x10'')
    Most of my Acros and Monit will be placed since each platform has been drilled out the size of a frag.

    Plus, I bought this piece from #Aqurocks:

    VidaRocks! (1076)

    Vidawave - 1087

    Like I mentioned above, I will be going with a more minmaimal type Aquascape since I will gearing this system for a more sps domainte type tank:

    This is what it looks like from the side view: This is the location I will be placing that Tonga Branch pcs I made will be going in the back of the tank.

    This is what it will look like with all of my Scape in except for the Tonga branch I made out of the E-Marco Mortar.

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  5. FLSharkvictim

    @rmiles54 - Many thanks for the kind words! No, I had #AqauRocks make my center custom showpiece and I bought 2 corner pieces which are also one of a kind off #Vidarocks website. They are called VidaWaves and they are also one of a kind pcs.

    For your questions, I have about 30lbs of Old School Tonga Branch that i have decided to keep instead of selling it since everybody seems to want it. Man people are willing to pay top dollar for it since it was banned in 2004. See in 04, the #Tonga Islands stopped all exporting of any #TONGA Brach live rock to the United States! You can buy fake old dead tonga but not the this type of Tonga Branch that I have! I bought about 50 lbs of it in 2004 and I wish I would have bough more. Just like Marshall Island live rock which is my favorite kind of rock but you can longer get that! Have you every seen any of that rock BEFORE? In the 30 years I have been in this bobby the Marshall Island live rock is the king of all rock due to how pours it is but ya can't get it anywhere in the world. It's by far the best rock you can get but it's impossible to buy any real Marshall Island rock since it was stopped being exported to the US in the early 2000's. Anyways, back to my #Tonga Branch rock, I was able to cherry pick off 500lbs that came into our LFS that my buddy owned. Pix # 1 is the Tonga Branch that i kept out the of the 50pounds, I am going to buy the E-Marco #Aquascaping Mortar Kitin attachment # 2 so I can use it and build a very thin back wall across the back of my 150. For this E-Marco Mortar Kit its the Bomb. I have seen it at #RAP in 2017 in person and it works really good.. What i AM going to do is make my own scape with the Tonga pcs you see in the first attachment. I am going to make a killer piece thats going to be around 5-7inch in width and it will be around 30'' in lenght. It will sit right behind my center show pcs. I am going to assemble something really cool since i have some really nice pieces I specially wanted to keep like the one 14lbs piece. That pcs is a one of my favorite pieces on the left side of that picture..

    To your last question - about my filtration for my SCA-150, that includes a 20'' Synergy External Overflow box which has 3 - 1.5inch drains and my returns will be 1'' with 2 Wye Check Valves on each return. I am going to hold off on the Coralvue Klir Filter system since I know a few people having problems with the two different units.. For my Main filtration - I am going to be ordering at the end of this month a Synergy Reef CL-44 sump Blk and Red Mercury w/ out a refuge, see picture # 3. Ones my tank has cycled I will hard plumb in my Dual Reactor from BRS and my #Avast #Kalk #Stirrer and last but not least, I will be running either a Turbo Aquatics Algae Scrubber that will sit on top of my sump, or go with one from BRS called the Clear Water scrubber. Either Algae Scrubber has gotten really good reviews thaat were posted on reef2reef. I should be starting my new SCA 150 build thread here shortly since I have documented from the time the SemiTruck dropped off my SCA Rimless tank, and took a pictures of all of the gear I have chosen over the years to run this dream tank that I have been building for for a very long time and I am down to a month left before water can go in it... YAYAY....... I am still debating on how or what I am going to do with my canopy and how am I going to hang all of my Hydra HD leds inside of the canopy. I have a 2 Hydra 26's HD's and one Hydra 52 HD for my lighting. I hope I answered all of your questions. Free free to head over to my facebook page link below so we can stay connected: @rmiles54, what are your thoughts on my up and coming SCA Rimless 150 BUILD?

    All the best,

    The Tonga Piece's I have decided to keep for back Scape.

    E-Marco Mortar Kit

    The sump I am going to be ordering a - Synergy CL-44 Blk & Red Mercury

    Example Pic of how my AlAGE Scrubber will be installed w/ my two Verta M1 return pumps.

    My 1'' returns for each side of tank which will be reduced down to 3/4''

    20' Synergy External Overflow box

    Running 3 1..5 inch drains w/ a 1.5 Spears Gate Valve