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    ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Dec 31, 2018
  1. FLSharkvictim

    Next, I would like to talk about how much Live rock I will be using for my #Aquascaping for my new build. In the 25 yrs I have been in this hobby, I have always have had a lot of Tonga Branch Live rock and Premium Fiji live rock as well since that's about around the time, I bought it all from my work when I was at my LFS in 2000 thru 2003. A tank with a lot of Live rock like my old 120 mixed reef tank. I will never forget that day I walked into work at my LFS and the owner who was a friend of mine bought a few hundred pounds of old-school Tonga Branch live rock and a few hundred pounds of Ultra Premium Fiji live rock.. What a mistake, since I only bought about 50lbs of Tonga Branch and about 50 lbs of Ultra Premium Fiji. I wish I would have bought more of that Tonga Branch since it was banned for export in 2004 and you can't get real Tonga brach any longer :( !!! Long story short, I got to cherry pick out of a few hundred pounds of this Tonga branch live rock and I grabbed one of the biggest pieces that weight in at just over 22lbs and I bought that pcs since it was considered to be a showpiece and a ton of other pieces that I have sold off.
    I was going to sell all of my Tonga Branch since it's HIGHLY sought after in this industry, due to the shapes and caverns, and ledges you can make w/ type of live rock. I only wish i could get my hands on some of the best live rock you can put in your tank, Mashall Island live rock and WOW that rock was awesome b/.c it was very porous and if i held up a 10lb pcs you would have thought it was a 20lb pcs but that is banned for export too. I just save enough Tonga for a project that I am working on.
    I already bought my center showpiece from a company out of NC and bought two large VidaWaves that are all one of a kind.

    Tonga Braches I had left over from my blow out sale

    I used some E-Marco 400 Mortar kit that's 100% reef save and came up with this structure that will be installed in the back of my tank!

    This how my Tonga Branch Liverock custom pcs came out using the E-Marco 400 Kit - (specs are 32''x8''x10'')

    Here is my Center Showpiece that I had custom made from a company called #aquarocks and he does superior work, let me tell you. He made me a one of a kind showpiece that was (23''x8''x10'')
    Most of my Acros and Monit will be placed since each platform has been drilled out the size of a frag.

    Plus, I bought this piece from #Aqurocks:

    VidaRocks! (1076)

    Vidawave - 1087

    Like I mentioned above, I will be going with a more minmaimal type Aquascape since I will gearing this system for a more sps domainte type tank:

    This is what it looks like from the side view: This is the location I will be placing that Tonga Branch pcs I made will be going in the back of the tank.

    This is what it will look like with all of my Scape in except for the Tonga branch I made out of the E-Marco Mortar.