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    RO unit installation, Apr 6, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    @MichaelE - I just got done installing my #BRS 6 STAGE RODI with a Dual Membrane upgrade including a booster pump above my 50-gallon saltwater mixing station. On offensive mate but I would buy your self a new RODI until since they are not that much money these days! It will be worth it and I will tell you why - you got to have some sort of ATO RODI Solenoid in order to shut down your RODI system since you don't want it to keep turning on and off and on and off since that will lead to salt Creep.

    Here some pictures of my set up and how I have my RODI connected to my saltwater mixing station.

  2. Using cheaper salt in qt for new arrivals, Mar 17, 2019
  3. Mastiffsrule

    I take offense, not really, but cheaper salt is a relative term to me.

    I started my tank long ago with tropic Marin. It is an awesome salt, but I switched to IO years ago. No huge difference other you may need to adjust supplements.

    #brs did an interesting review on salts and their yields. I liked.
  4. Unconventional Calcium Reactor for the average reefer!!, Feb 14, 2019
  5. McDam

    So moving forward with this project, my "Unconventional" Calcium reactor just took a very conventional turn!! yet still some what non-conventional.

    I ordered some parts from a online brewing supply to move this project along a little further.

    All part of the planned evolution.
    -Soda Stream bottle adapter
    - low pressure regulator
    - carbonation cap for 2L bottle
    - and a carbonation kit to connect the regulator to the carbonation cap.

    The Idea with this equipment was that I would be able to make the carbonated water right in the bottle used for dosing and not have to make it in the soda stream bottles then transfer. This worked fine and there are video's on youtube of how it works.

    But I also had an alternative motive and that was to be able to connect the soda stream directly to the reactor!! #Water Dog

    Now I have got to admit, one of the things that has always tweaked me the wrong way about calcium reactors was that, besides being so big, bulky, and expensive, is all the valves and regulators and ph controllers, solenoids, bubble counters, auxiliary equipment and pumps etc. etc.. It all seem's so archaic and ridiculous. I know lately the use of pumps like the kamoer and such are being used to regulate the effluent but why not CO2!? Get ride of all the unnecessary pumps,valves, and bubbles. This would essentially eliminate the need for large bulky regulator, bubble counter, solenoids, needle valves and whatever else. If you could eliminate all this complexity would it not make calcium reactors more user friendly and adoptable instead of people running in the other direction, terrified and using nonequivalent dosing regimes. lol Never mind the complex set up and tuning. And counting bubbles.... :rolleyes: Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles.

    So, gone away with those conventional standards I went ahead and connected the Soda Stream Bottle directly to my setup. (Now now, I am not completely moving away from the fluid C02 method I was using as I still see a large benefit to being able to add additional supplements to the Soda Water, for an all in one dos. In fact I still have plans on a way to include that in the future ;)

    I did have to improvise a little bit o_O But that's what DIY is all about.
    Since the barbed fitting that came with the regulator was 1/4" I had to reduce it in order to connect the tubing of the dosing pump that was previously dosing the Soda water. I am sure I could have ordered a proper sized barbed fitting but ain't nobody got time for that.;Facepalm

    I turned the regulator to 5 psi and presto! The peristaltic dosing pump works great for this application. Carefully metering the CO2 dosed to the reactor and doesn't let any CO2 leak by while it is not on or turning (Even this pump that is roughly 7 yo and never changed the tubing).

    Now, the dosing pump I have still leaves a lot to be desired and was literally the cheapest one I could find at the time. Its minimum dosing rate is once ever hour at a rate of 0 - 99 ml. I had it set to about 35 ml every hour for the Soda Water so I dialed it back a bit to see where it would sit. At 20ml every hour it maintains a 6.6 average pH.

    Since the dosing pump only runs once every hour it is similar to a typical solenoid setup with a ph controller that opens at a set point and turns off at a set-point. For example turn on at 7 ph and turn of at 6.5 pH. So similar to dosing the CS , and CO2 with solenoid, there are inherent swings that come with dosing once every hour but they are very adequate to be able to keep the water in the reactor saturated enough for consistent dosing.

    So now you have a calcium reactor that can literally fit in the foot print of a small shoe box, for the "Average Reefer" with system volume up to 150-200 gal.

    I will try to get a picture of the full setup and a break down of parts and pricing to see where it sits at this point. I think if #BRS was interested they could part this together and sell as a complete package for a very reasonable price. I would love to, but unfortunately don't have those kind of resources and stuck in the middle of nowhere.;Smuggrin

    Next step would be continuous dosing with a pump for CO2 and a pump for effluent.
    By starting off with a Higher ph setpoint and regulating the dosing pump to match alk stability. Once the effluent dos is maxed out you simply just lower the targeted pH and start increasing the effluent dos again and so on and so forth until you reach stability. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

    I have no idea at this point how long the Soda stream tank will last. I am sure someone would be able to calculate it but I would rather just wait and see. :cool:
  6. RedSea Reefer XXL 750 coming tomorrow, Feb 12, 2019
  7. EHaddad


    Thank you. Yes I looked on #BRS and the booster pump kit is out of stock just waiting on it to come back in stock then I am going to buy it. Till then its slow a steady wins the race.
  8. RedSea Reefer XXL 750 coming tomorrow, Feb 11, 2019
  9. EHaddad

    So on to my next problem. I hooked up my RODI unit from #BRS It is a 7 stage unit 200GPD the problem I have is I am only getting 35PSI. The unit is around 10ft away from the water supply I don’t know if this is what is causing the problem or not. The next question I have is I am getting a hissing noise out of the flow vavle on top. Could that be one of the causes of lost pressure?
  10. Help a Newbie, Get Good Karma! :), Nov 3, 2018
  11. sudman

    Thank you for the warm welcome! Its so funny you say that because that is what i am watching right now!! #BRS

    2) How do the sump pump and tank connect to one another? Is my Sump pump and good?

    3) What is the plug in item on my sump pump?

    4) Based on my setup, can i fit mostly everything in the tank?

    What is an LFS?
  12. The Reef2Reef Bulk Reef Supply BOX Giveaway!, Jul 15, 2018
  13. Bonfish


  14. Triton Sumps, Oct 18, 2017
  15. kavatica

    So I have a question, I currently have a 150gallon main display and my sump is the trigger emerald sump 39 I did swap out the first section and made it my refugium and my BBK skimmer fit perfect in the “refugium section” on this sump however I don’t think my refugium section is big enough to obtain the 10-15% triton recommends. Any one think this amount will be ok with?

    I’m asking cause I’ve been thinking of using an old Trigger ruby36 and joining it with the Trigger emerald 39 at both return ends on the sumps and have one drain from my 150 go to each sump.
    And making the ruby just a fuge itself and have the first section as a fuge on the emerald as well.

    Or should I just use an old 55 gallon tank and convert it to a sump.

    But I really like the idea of joining the triggers together but idk if this will work.

    #BRS For the pics and the sumps!

  16. Madcanarys SCA 150g, Oct 3, 2017
  17. madcanary

    Sump upgrade picture overload!!!

    So I came home after a 13 hour shift Sunday bought a monster or 2 and decided today’s the day.
    All my stuff was in from #BRS I think they love me when ever I do my tank upgrades.
    I stopped by lowes on way home last minute change from grey to white fittings.

    Ok..... deep breath what could go wrong,
    Pulled my cheato, #sbreef pod hotels and threw the house out the back door no turning back.
    Cut my pvc just above my old unions, pre planning for a re plumb always helps.
    Yup. So when I put the 45’s back for a contractor pack I grabbed 90’s. After a 30 melt down I pushed ahead with the 90’s #brsinvestigates says the loss is negligible.

    Quick wipe down of the stand new sump in fill with RODI #fritz salt and bring to temp.

    I’ve mixed fritz in my mixing station and had issues, now I use a small powerhead to help move the water and it clears quickly.

    I dosers are hooked up. I should have just disconnected them, my #core7 went every where,
    And those lines caught up on everything.

    I wish I had a photo of my “bypass gadget” working it’s 2 PVC pipes with a section of tubing in the middle. I can jam it into the return and output bulk heads and get everything leak tested and tuned without disturbing the DT.
    It’s 0300 I’m done....

    Up at 0700. The overflow was so loud I got up a million times expecting a leak with no regard for my ALD.

    Turns out cranking up the flow pushed so much water through my overflow easy fix I raised the water level in the box by extending my emergency drain. Turns out the extra inch of water looks better anyway.

    Side note I’m on day 7 of the #drtims cyano treatment plan it’s starting to look better.

    So I spent the next 5 hours Re wiring my Apex.
    I finally labeled all my plugs and consolidated plugs. I can finally turn everything from on to ‘auto’ and really enjoy tank automation.

    I installed the old light from my daughters glofish tank because eye candy

    I still have to mount and route my vortech wires but they are moved and tangle free.
    I need to separate and cable wrap the wires to the left. I’m using lab grade probes so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about interference.

    Overall I’m very impressed with the #synergyreefsystems sump. @mixer911 hit it out of the park. I can already see the flow pattern through the sump. Dosing in the crash box you could see the core7 dissolve fast as it went through refugium.
    The fast flow rate does make some noise. I’m running 650 according to the FMK, you can see the flow in the skimmer chamber “recirculating” rather than been pushed over the top with the under flow baffle design. Kudos there.
    point worth mentioning, I think you need bricks to keep anything down in the final baffle with the flow coming up it pushes whatever is there into the return section.
    I ran some filter floss to help keep debris down while I was running maintenance. The filter floss filter and the green plastic covers kept getting pushed into the return section I threw a brick of biopure on it to hold it down. I’m beginning to question the accuracy of the FMK, I did turn the flow down to a trickle but you could see the debris in the fuge become stagnant.

    Edit*yes I did install my FLow meter backwards.
  18. ****Getting out sale****, Jan 6, 2017
  19. bigsarge81

    Ive added a couple other items

    Shutting down for a while, Below is a list of Coral & Livestock I'm selling. Once all the livestock is gone then the equipment will follow shortly after. Check out my second post for equipment. PayPal for holds & payments however cash is the man on these streets [​IMG] if its has a P* or P# its pending sale.

    All fish and coral are happy and healthy!

    Note: All sales are final and if you put a deposit down, you're committed to purchasing the item. This is only fair to everybody.

    PM is key and will be checked frequently. First to contact with a deposit secures the item or items.

    If the buyer wants to pay for shipping I can make that happen.

    I will NOT be shipping unless the buyers wants to pay for shipping. We can meet in Springfield or within a reasonable distance. I'm located in Springfield, VA.

    I will not be providing my address until PayPal funds are received. The day we are scheduled to meet I will send you my address. [​IMG]

    Happy viewing

    Purchased from Gweber, pics are from his post when I purchase the frag.

    P *Retina burner suharsonoi $35
    P*Ora ice tort $20
    P*Purple slimmer $15
    P*Ice echinata $20
    P*Ora Frog skin $10
    P*Rainbow pocci $15
    P*Highlighter stag $15
    P*Deep blue tort $25
    P*Blue poly pink stylo $20
    P*Darth maul porites $30
    P*Chili pepper monti $15
    P*Mystic monti $20
    P*Sunny D $20
    P*Nuclear greens $15
    Purchased from customride0105 some of the pics are from when I purchased the frag from Brad

    P*Green acro from macna $20
    P*red digi $20
    P*green cap $10
    P*Jf rainbow monti $25
    P*rainbow gonrnosa $20
    P*Wwc blueberry fields $30
    P*Jf slow burn $15
    P*Rr unknown $80
    P*strawberry short cake $25
    P**Rainbow Lobo $90
    P*Rose bubblre tip small $50
    P*3” golden clam $65
    P*2” blue max clam $65
    P**Tricolored showpiece super A huge $40
    P**Neon hammer huge colony $125
    P**Purple Tipped Green Hammer $40
    P*Clove Polyps $35
    P*Maze Brain Coral $25
    P*Gold Aussie Hammer coral 4 heads $180
    P*Frog spawn neon green with other colors $80
    P*purple monti cap $25
    Favia Green with red $25
    P*Yellow and pink rock nem $40
    P*galaxia coral $20
    P*Goniopora $25
    P*Alveopora $20
    P*super christmas favia $25
    P*Reverse Prism favia $15
    P*dendrophyllia $20
    P*mystic sunset monti big $45
    P*mystic sunset monti small $35
    GSP free with each purchase if wanted while It's still available. as well as cheato

    P*5+ candy apple green $20
    P*10+ fire and ice $20
    P*10+pink gobstopper $20
    P*10+Rasta $20
    P*10+ eagle eye $20
    P*UNK alien eyes & ink green/orange mini colony $20
    P*UNK Green purple red $10

    """Live rock""""" Flat or shelf pieces, most of the rock has encrusted parts left from the coral being placed on it.
    $2.50 per lbs


    [​IMG]*****Lighting Clown fish 3"ish $150***** [​IMG]

    *Large rainbow speckled RBTA $70
    P*File fish $30
    Blue hippo med-large $75
    Anithas male and female M$59 F$49
    P*4 blue chromes $10 for all 4
    P*Fire fish $10
    P*Yellow tang $20
    P*2 bangi pajama cardinal $20
    ARC hawk fish $20
    P*Sand sifting star fish 4” $15
    *baby starfish red $20


    Cad lights (71”x23.5”x21.5”) 165 gallon Artisan II $1,500 obo [​IMG]
    *low iron ultra clear glass
    *conversion kit brand new metric to US plumbing
    *White cabinet 36” tall piano finish oil based paint

    P*Bubble king 180 "official " $800
    P#Vectra L1 $450
    P#Wav pump x2 $200
    P#PAFS $100
    P#Aqua box Black 53 gallons 4 chambers sump $450
    P#UV $75
    P#Kalk stirrer $50
    P#Apex $650
    P#ALD $30
    P#ALD sensors x3 $15 each or $35 for all three
    #Pmup $25
    #Flipper max $35
    #Flipper small $25
    #BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor Deluxe x2 $40 each or both for $70
    #Red sea seawater refractometer $25
    #ATO air pressure switch $20
    #Avast mag ATO digital Apex breakout box wiring $25
    #Apex breakout box $20
    #mag-float $5
    #Float switch x2 $5 each
    P*Danner supreme Aqua Mag 7 water pump $45
    P*probe holder $10
    #ViaAqua million air BP-180 Battery air pump $5
    frozen fish food defroster $10
    P*Two little fish veg mag x2 $15 each
    P*Milwaukee seawater refractometer $50
    coral frenzy $5
    Dino X $20
    #Two little fish KW reactor 300 $25
    #Innovative Marine aqua gadget mini max with pump $50
    Hanna Checker water color $ 20
    Hanna Checker phosphate $ 20
    Salifert test kits
    -pH $5
    -ALK $5
    #Red Sea test kits
    #-Reef foundation pro $20
    #-Marine care $20
    #-Algae control $20
    #-Coral color pro $20
    Small box BRS 2 part complete $10
    large bag MAG $5
    dig outlet $10
    Fish trap $35

    QT tank system $50 included below
    -Hang on the back filter
    -Air pump big
    -Air pump small

    I'll trying my best keeping up with all the Pm's. If you haven't gotten a response from me already, then I'll restart again the next morning in the order they were received. Thanks for all the views [​IMG]