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    FOCUSTRONIC Motorized LED Giveaway, May 4, 2017
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    FOCUSTRONIC Motorized LED Giveaway

    Focustronic manufacturers and supplies a new and innovative lighting to the hobby. Our patented technology sets new standard for artificial reef lighting. The Focus 1 is a motorized LED light that mimics the motion of the sun!

    How To Enter:

    Like the Focustronic Facebook page here: (

    2. Share this contest URL link on your Facebook or Instagram with the following hashtags: #FOCUSTRONIC #Reef2Reef #Giveaway #Coralvue (post in this thread once you have completed #1 and #2 for your official entry)

    BONUS ENTRY - Make another post in this thread and tell us why you think this light design is cool! Read more about the light here: and here

    This means you will possibly have 2 separate posts in this thread. Winning member drawn will be verified to have completed requirements for entry.

    Winning Prize:

    One winner will receive a FOCUS 1 light from FOCUSTRONIC valued over $700.

    The Winner will be chosen via random draw on June 13th.

    Thank you to Focustronic for these awesome prizes and contest!

  2. WIN A MAXSPECT GYRE!, Nov 18, 2016
  3. tristanfish

    Pretty kick -ar$$ right here. Can't wait. Thanks @coralvue #coralvue
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  5. iReefer

    Gyre here I come

    @coralvue #coralvue

    @Djtonton @ambrosiozoa @SoDak
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  7. tristanfish

    Followed on ig and fb as:

    (Gyre on left side)

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    @Usctom @kingator @dnov99
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  9. WIN A MAXSPECT GYRE!, Nov 15, 2016
  10. ReefQueen

    I made an Instagram just for this lol. Good luck everyone!

    @coralvue #coralvue @eleet @JaimeAdams @acer
  11. WIN A MAXSPECT GYRE!, Nov 15, 2016
  12. WIN A MAXSPECT GYRE!, Nov 15, 2016
  13. gus6464

    1) Done and done.

    2) [​IMG]

    3) @coralvue #coralvue @revhtree @Bps619 @Battlecorals
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  15. scardall

    Done FB ( No Instagram account---sorry)
    @coralvue #coralvue, @revhtree , @Diesel , @Paul B