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    ****Getting out sale****, Jan 6, 2017
  1. bigsarge81

    Ive added a couple other items

    Shutting down for a while, Below is a list of Coral & Livestock I'm selling. Once all the livestock is gone then the equipment will follow shortly after. Check out my second post for equipment. PayPal for holds & payments however cash is the man on these streets [​IMG] if its has a P* or P# its pending sale.

    All fish and coral are happy and healthy!

    Note: All sales are final and if you put a deposit down, you're committed to purchasing the item. This is only fair to everybody.

    PM is key and will be checked frequently. First to contact with a deposit secures the item or items.

    If the buyer wants to pay for shipping I can make that happen.

    I will NOT be shipping unless the buyers wants to pay for shipping. We can meet in Springfield or within a reasonable distance. I'm located in Springfield, VA.

    I will not be providing my address until PayPal funds are received. The day we are scheduled to meet I will send you my address. [​IMG]

    Happy viewing

    Purchased from Gweber, pics are from his post when I purchase the frag.

    P *Retina burner suharsonoi $35
    P*Ora ice tort $20
    P*Purple slimmer $15
    P*Ice echinata $20
    P*Ora Frog skin $10
    P*Rainbow pocci $15
    P*Highlighter stag $15
    P*Deep blue tort $25
    P*Blue poly pink stylo $20
    P*Darth maul porites $30
    P*Chili pepper monti $15
    P*Mystic monti $20
    P*Sunny D $20
    P*Nuclear greens $15
    Purchased from customride0105 some of the pics are from when I purchased the frag from Brad

    P*Green acro from macna $20
    P*red digi $20
    P*green cap $10
    P*Jf rainbow monti $25
    P*rainbow gonrnosa $20
    P*Wwc blueberry fields $30
    P*Jf slow burn $15
    P*Rr unknown $80
    P*strawberry short cake $25
    P**Rainbow Lobo $90
    P*Rose bubblre tip small $50
    P*3” golden clam $65
    P*2” blue max clam $65
    P**Tricolored showpiece super A huge $40
    P**Neon hammer huge colony $125
    P**Purple Tipped Green Hammer $40
    P*Clove Polyps $35
    P*Maze Brain Coral $25
    P*Gold Aussie Hammer coral 4 heads $180
    P*Frog spawn neon green with other colors $80
    P*purple monti cap $25
    Favia Green with red $25
    P*Yellow and pink rock nem $40
    P*galaxia coral $20
    P*Goniopora $25
    P*Alveopora $20
    P*super christmas favia $25
    P*Reverse Prism favia $15
    P*dendrophyllia $20
    P*mystic sunset monti big $45
    P*mystic sunset monti small $35
    GSP free with each purchase if wanted while It's still available. as well as cheato

    P*5+ candy apple green $20
    P*10+ fire and ice $20
    P*10+pink gobstopper $20
    P*10+Rasta $20
    P*10+ eagle eye $20
    P*UNK alien eyes & ink green/orange mini colony $20
    P*UNK Green purple red $10

    """Live rock""""" Flat or shelf pieces, most of the rock has encrusted parts left from the coral being placed on it.
    $2.50 per lbs


    [​IMG]*****Lighting Clown fish 3"ish $150***** [​IMG]

    *Large rainbow speckled RBTA $70
    P*File fish $30
    Blue hippo med-large $75
    Anithas male and female M$59 F$49
    P*4 blue chromes $10 for all 4
    P*Fire fish $10
    P*Yellow tang $20
    P*2 bangi pajama cardinal $20
    ARC hawk fish $20
    P*Sand sifting star fish 4” $15
    *baby starfish red $20


    Cad lights (71”x23.5”x21.5”) 165 gallon Artisan II $1,500 obo [​IMG]
    *low iron ultra clear glass
    *conversion kit brand new metric to US plumbing
    *White cabinet 36” tall piano finish oil based paint

    P*Bubble king 180 "official " $800
    P#Vectra L1 $450
    P#Wav pump x2 $200
    P#PAFS $100
    P#Aqua box Black 53 gallons 4 chambers sump $450
    P#UV $75
    P#Kalk stirrer $50
    P#Apex $650
    P#ALD $30
    P#ALD sensors x3 $15 each or $35 for all three
    #Pmup $25
    #Flipper max $35
    #Flipper small $25
    #BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor Deluxe x2 $40 each or both for $70
    #Red sea seawater refractometer $25
    #ATO air pressure switch $20
    #Avast mag ATO digital Apex breakout box wiring $25
    #Apex breakout box $20
    #mag-float $5
    #Float switch x2 $5 each
    P*Danner supreme Aqua Mag 7 water pump $45
    P*probe holder $10
    #ViaAqua million air BP-180 Battery air pump $5
    frozen fish food defroster $10
    P*Two little fish veg mag x2 $15 each
    P*Milwaukee seawater refractometer $50
    coral frenzy $5
    Dino X $20
    #Two little fish KW reactor 300 $25
    #Innovative Marine aqua gadget mini max with pump $50
    Hanna Checker water color $ 20
    Hanna Checker phosphate $ 20
    Salifert test kits
    -pH $5
    -ALK $5
    #Red Sea test kits
    #-Reef foundation pro $20
    #-Marine care $20
    #-Algae control $20
    #-Coral color pro $20
    Small box BRS 2 part complete $10
    large bag MAG $5
    dig outlet $10
    Fish trap $35

    QT tank system $50 included below
    -Hang on the back filter
    -Air pump big
    -Air pump small

    I'll trying my best keeping up with all the Pm's. If you haven't gotten a response from me already, then I'll restart again the next morning in the order they were received. Thanks for all the views [​IMG]