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    Brew's 187g slice of the ocean, May 23, 2019 at 1:49 PM
  1. Brew12

    Here is a close up of a small tuft of it laid out on a slide.

  2. Brew's 187g slice of the ocean, May 11, 2019
  3. Brew12

    I make things hard on myself for no reason sometimes. ;Blackeye
    Routine is so important on a reef tank, and I got out of mine... specifically the testing time. I normally test much earlier on a Saturday. This time? I pulled right after my auto feeder fed the tank, which includes powdered coral food. The feeder dumps into the return baffles of my sump and I draw my water samples for testing from right where the return pump discharges. No wonder I got a high reading...…. :oops:

    And then.. not having made that poor decision, I did another one that made things much worse and added to the confusion. I grabbed a cup from the kitchen to get some of the fresh mixed saltwater from my storage tank.... you know.. the kitchen glasses that we use phosphate based cleaners in the dishwater with?
    Yup... took a new sample straight from the mixing tank and it reads 0.0ppm. ;Eggonface;Facepalm

    So, hopefully lunch/dinner will be ready soon and I'll do the planned water change.
  4. Rags2Riches - The Learning Curve. 125g, May 8, 2019
  5. RichtheReefer21

    Caught my eye from the couch. And I think I had a video recording within 4 seconds so I didnt miss it.

    So excited.

    In other news.... #honestyinreefing

    Down to 3 anthias. And the surviving fire fish. I think he starved. Refused to come out to eat with the others. Just stayed in the Mountain caves stuck to the wall. Stressed to death I'm afraid.

    Sad too, cuz I tested 2 days ago, and had 0 ammonia(api), 0 no2(red sea), and 30 no3 (red sea) I did a 7gal wc last night.

    I feed a half a cube a day rotating pe mysis, and spirulina, so no sudden spike due to food decay. Plus daily dosing of bacteria. (2 strains)

    I am running 1.018 hypo, and no meds as of yet. No signs of parasites, or sickness.

    Hopefully 3 will be ok and one will become dominant sooner rather than later.
  6. Raege's 75 Gallon Adventure, May 6, 2019
  7. Raege

    Confessions of a well meaning reefer
    So if you have followed along Nitrates have been an issue. I’ve made progress then I’ll do what I know will make them worse with good intentions.
    First overfeeding to ensure the copper Band butterfly was eating. Got that under control and now it’s overfeeding the Symphyllia... The overfeeding if this coral direct and broadcast is probably doing more damage than good I think so will pare it back and let it go as it will.
    Phosphates up to .1
    Nitrates up to 64
    DKH steady at 8.4 dosing just a bit every other day to maintain
    Ammonia and nitrites zero
    Temp 77.6
    Cal 490
    Mag 1400
    Good news the GHA seems to be loosening it’s hold with the vodka dosing clumps are smaller and brush off very easily not much hold like in the past when a sandblasted woulda been needed
    Back to basics had nitrates south of 40 and dropping and po4 heading south of .8 before this past week of feeding frenzy part two. Will not chase the one coral at the cost of the rest anymore po4 and nitrates are job one rest will follow hopefully
  8. Revhtree doesn't know it all!!!, May 5, 2019
  9. Brew12

    I'm almost positive that users can create their own tag. For instance, I have created the #honestyinreefing tag that a few people follow. If you use a hashtag, anyone who wants can click on it and follow it.
  10. Brew's 187g slice of the ocean, May 5, 2019
  11. Brew12

    Well, disappointing news in the land of my reef. :( This devil's algae I had been waging battle with has won. It has survived 3 months of 2 Vibrant doses a week, 1 month of every other day Vibrant dosing and 2 rounds of Fluconazole that were 14 days apart. Not to mention 5 tangs, a Foxface, and 100's of snails and hermits. It's not prominent at all yet, and just casually looking at my tank doesn't show any, but I can see the tell tale spots where it is growing out from deep in the crevices of the tank. :mad:

    I guess the next plan is a few types of snails that I don't currently have, like Mexican Turbo's. I will also get a short spine sea urchin or two. I'm open to any other suggestions on how I might be able to keep this stuff under control. ;Bookworm
  12. Financially where do you draw the line?, Apr 30, 2019
  13. RichtheReefer21


    I try to save and DIY every single thing I can. But sometimes the "just gotta have it" takes over and starts dropping bombs on the side of my brain that responsibility resides in. ;Sorry
  14. Rags2Riches - The Learning Curve. 125g, Apr 17, 2019
  15. RichtheReefer21


    Know anyone looking to startup a QT?
    (If yes read post before this one please)
    I'm sorry in advance. I know I may have abused that tag here. But I've been out of a job for 5 months and trying to make ends meet.

    I feel like a gambler with a problem or something. LoL
  16. HOTEL CORALLINE 75 gallon, Apr 14, 2019
  17. norfolkgarden



    Was setting up for hand feeding again like normal.
    Uncover the front 6" glass tops.
    Place a folded 2"x2" square of nori on each of the 3 clips we use to prevent too much competition.

    Go and chop up some frozen clam for hand feeding.

    Hand feeding the fish the usual half a mini clam.

    Notice yellow tang and a yellow 'coris' wrasse are missing.

    Yellow tang was wedged in the rocks and 4th wrasse is on the floor.

    Not a good tank day.
  18. I received a box of rocks today., Apr 12, 2019
  19. NY_Caveman


    After whites out

    Looks okay. The bubble is just about completely gone. I am getting some Cyanobacteria and hair algae, but that will take care of itself. I just need to get my hands a little dirty this weekend in a few spots. The city flushed the pipes last weekend and browned the water. I skipped making RO/DI and missed a scheduled water change and cleaning.

    Not too worried. I just like sharing a few #HonestyInReefing pictures. The broad mix of critters in our tank are thriving and that is what matters.

    Turbo snail hugging a Rainbow Acanthastrea.

    Picasso is still guarding corals