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    Klir Filter Review., Jan 10, 2019
  1. SaltMan

    Here is my experience with the #Klir Filter 4” version that I would like to share.

    DT: Red Sea Reefer 250
    Sump: IceCap 30 Reef Sump
    Pumps: Varios-4 in both skimmer and return
    I have 8 fish and a few corals.

    I cleaned my sump and installed the Klir Filter on 10/3/2018

    This is about a week later and I notice detritus is starting to accumulate on the bottom of the sump.

    Another week passes by with more detritus accumulating. I have also had issues with the motor not turning and making a loud clicking noise. I pulled the Klir filter out to determine the issue but not sure why it is binding. The fleece is difficult to pull through even by hand and the entire new roll is saturated with water. Cleaned everything, installed a new roll and start over.

    Another week goes by and more detritus accumulating…

    11/2/2018 Another new roll is saturated with water and the roll will not turn again. I found the fleece is snagging on the PVC that this product is made out of. I contacted CoralVue and they told me it was a snail, rock, or tube worm that caused the problem.

    I disassembled the Klir again and found the paper had become caught between the edge of the bottom roller and sidewall causing the tear, there was no small snail, rock, or tube worm present. There are also many sharp edges throughout the build of this product.

    At this time, they admitted there was a problem with the lower rollers being too close to the bottom edge and the fleece could become snagged and sent me a new bottom half. Interesting that I had to give very detailed information with pictures about the problem before they offered to do this.

    I installed the new lower half on my Klir and restart once again.

    I am still experiencing a good amount of detritus in my sump that is getting past this filter so I once again contacted CoraView and this is what they tell me:

    Filter socks allows for more disruptive flow to get through which prevents silt from settling at the bottom. The Klir does a great job of creating passive flow.

    The Klir does not claim that is going to keep your sump pristine clean. It also do not claim that it will catch 99.99% of all debris. It does claim that your water will be cleaner of free floating debris and it will make it easier for you in terms of maintenance as you do not have to worry about replacing filter socks every other day.

    The packaging states that water is filtered down to 50 microns, but stuff still gets by.

    I have also had a problem with the take up spindle breaking and this is their reply:

    We are sorry about the spindle. The new version of the waste spindle is built differently so that issue is no longer happening. To temporarily fix the one you have, you can just take a little super glue and let it cure for a couple of hours. All replacement rolls come with a new waste spindle so once you get a new roll, you wont need to use the old spindle anymore.

    Be sure to tape the paper fleece to the spindle and use duct tape as it is good to grip even when the fleece is wet. Other tape does not work so well

    I am experiencing a good amount of detritus in my sump so much so that it has clogged up my pumps to the point where they stop running, this has happened twice so far. I might be having less maintenance not cleaning filter socks every few days but now I am now having to do a complete tear down of the Klir, my skimmer, and return pump once a month to keep it running, I do not feel this is a truly beneficial trade off.

    Another note; the detritus that it does remove becomes quite stinky and even with the carbon insert, it’s a pretty nasty smell.

    I am done with this filter and removed it from my sump. I am not looking for a pristine and immaculate looking sump but I do expect a filter to catch most of this detritus so it does not clog up other components of my system or affect the well being of the life that lives within it. As of now it is sitting in a bucket and I feel a bit ripped off of the investment I was led to believe to have a clean system.

    Words from the packaging is simply not true in my experience:

    Mechanical Filtration At It’s Finest
    Results in crystal clear water filtered down to 50 microns double the filtering capacity of most filter socks.
    Waste is removed from the water column before it has time to break down, helping to maintain low nutrient parameters.
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  3. FLSharkvictim

    @jrizo1 - I am so glad someone finally posted a review about the latest release on the #Klir filter system! I was just getting ready to have a Synergy modify my new sump to fit two two of these Klir's filter systems , one in each filter sock hole but with all these problems you're having I am out!

    I am going to take a step back and see what else comes out in the next 6 months.
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  5. FLSharkvictim

    Well, since i HAVE done the upgrade on my new TNK and went with a Rimless SCA-150! i have decided to go with a SS-44'' Synergy Sump and add in a Coralvue #Klir DI-4 Filter system. Here is what models I will be going with so I can finally say good bye to my filter socks...
    I will be placing the order on the next few months w/ Synergy and Klir DI-4 ones they get's release here in the next month or so. New Build thread to come!

    SS-44'' Blk & Rd Mercury

    Matching ATO 10 Gallons

    Klir Filter System

    FLShark 120 thread: