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    Trident FAQ (official), May 7, 2019
  1. Terence

    OK, so now that the Trident has been released, we wanted to create a new thread with links to the information out there on the Trident as well as answer, to the best of our ability, additional questions from hobbyists. From that feedback, we will update our official FAQ with those questions when it seems like they will be "Frequently Asked."

    We hope that this thread can stay on topic, stay productive and also does not devolve with unhelpful posts from those that may have no real interest in the Trident, and whose only desire is to foment unrest.

    The Trident goes/went on sale at midnight, PDT, 5/8/2019.

    Here are the links:

    Launch video:
    Product page:
    Official FAQ:
    Trident Support Information Page:
    Neptune Systems Community Trident Forum:
    Reagent Ordering:
    5/7 #LetsTalkReef livestream:
    5/8 Launch Day Update:

    Here are additional questions we have answered already in this thread and, likely, elsewhere.

    What is Trident?
    Automatic, continuous water tester for alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium.

    Do I need an Apex to use a Trident?

    How many tests does Trident perform per day?
    The Trident has the option to run as few as 4 test cycles per day up to 24 test cycles per day. The test cycles alternate between testing only alkalinity and testing all three parameters. The 4/2/2 schedule will result in 4 alkalinity tests per day, 2 calcium tests, and 2 magnesium tests.

    Can I test more or less than the minimum schedule or in any different combination?
    No, the provided schedules are necessary to maintain proper operation.

    I don't want to test calcium or magnesium every day, can I turn those tests off?
    No. The Trident alternates between testing all 3 (alk, cal, mag) and single alkalinity tests.


    How far from my tank can I place Trident?
    The sample line is 5ft and cannot be cut or extended under any circumstances! We suggest keeping the Trident less than 4ft from the tank or sump.

    Can I cut or extend the sample line tubing?
    The sample line is 5ft and cannot be cut or extended under any circumstances!

    Should I place the Trident above my water line? Below?
    It can be placed wherever the tube reaches but placing it below the waterline can risk a siphon to occur and drain water from your tank should something disconnect the sample tube.

    Reagent Info

    How long in between reagent replacement?
    Reagents will last 2 months when testing on the 4/2/2 schedule.

    What is the reagent shelf-life?
    1 year when sealed.

    Can the reagents get cold? Hot?
    Reagents should be kept at room temperature and not exposed to bright sunlight.

    Is there a reagent subscription plan?
    It's possible if there is interest - let us know!

    Maintenance Info

    What do I need to do to maintain Trident?
    Besides replacing reagents and letting it calibrate with a standard solution every couple of months, it is suggested to perform service on the Trident roughly every 18-24 months.

    Can I perform the servicing myself?
    Yes! You will be able to order a maintenance kit for less than $100. We are still determining all of the necessary included components and since this is quite a bit into the future, we want to get it right and not require too much or too little to be done.

    Are there other servicing options?
    Neptune Systems will offer an advanced replacement servicing option for between $150-$200 - there are not further details at this time.

    Do I have to ship my Trident into Neptune Systems for the this servicing?
    No! If you decide to service the unit yourself, then you do not have to ship the unit in. If we do the maintenance, there will be an advanced replacement option available - details to be released later. BUT NO DOWN TIME!

    Automatic Dosing Control

    Can Trident control my dosing pump to keep everything stable?
    Yes, when paired with one or many Neptune DOS, the Apex will use the Trident data to safely and intelligently adjust dosing based on recent test results.

    Will automatic dosing control work with my 3rd party dosing pump?
    The short answer is no. However, since the Trident is providing the testing data back to the Apex, if you have an "on/off" type dosing pump, you could come up with your own dosing programming to use that data in different ways.

    How does controlled dosing work?
    After each Trident test, The Apex will use the Trident data to update the DOS head linked to each test and make small adjustments to attempt to course-correct and maintain stable parameters. If you typically dose 10ml of alkalinity, enabling controlled dosing will give the Trident the ability to change that dosage by 1-2ml depending on test results. There are safety limits in place to prevent a runaway condition that could harm your tank.

    Do I need 2 DOSs to use dosing control?
    No. You can choose to activate controlled dosing for a single parameter if you'd like. A single DOS can be used to control alkalinity and calcium, leaving magnesium to be manually dosed, for example.

    What happens if Trident controlled dosing isn't working? Will it harm my tank?
    Trident controlled dosing is very clever about not dosing too much or too little additive. Controlled dosing is only activated while the test results are within an expected range. If Trident + DOS control results in numbers that aren't staying stable, controlled dosing will temporarily be shut off and you will receive an alert to intervene. Dosing will go back to your baseline dosing value in the interim.

    Can I use Trident with my calcium reactor?
    At the moment, we don't have a task created to help program direct calcium reactor support, but it can be done through advanced programming. Another method would be to use the calcium reactor for 90% replenishment and use Trident + DOS to dose liquid additives for the remaining 10% of usage. This also adds a bit of redundancy if your calcium reactor ever goes offline.
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    Shhh... don’t tell anyone but some Trident update news will be on Tuesdays livestream episode of #LetsTalkReef. We are going to have some special guests. As always, subscribe to our YT channel and like our FB page, both with alerts, so you don’t miss these shows.

    More details to be announced on Monday.