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    My 2nd BattleBox: Non-WYSIWYG :o, Oct 6, 2018
  1. TheHarold

    edit: I have no idea if this belongs in the vendor's forum, or vendor feedback.

    ....and it was awesome. I have NEVER bought non-WYSIWYG corals online before but after being happy with my first pack, I was willing to try another. I just asked for chunky pieces, since they're going into a big tank and small (but rare) pieces would be invisible. Oh and mentioned I like Milliporas and Tenius.

    I did bug him to get photos once or twice, but he doesn't really do that for battleboxes it seems. My guess is that he ships too many corals to take and send individualized photos for battleboxes like this, especially when I have no specific request/coral in the pack. That or he gathers and puts the boxes together at the day of shipment- I dont know.

    So I was a bit nervous ordering non-wysiwyg but they did not disappoint!


    11 of these were from this pack- I unfortunately didn't have space to dedicate photos to JUST his pack. Those milliporas are insane!!


    The blue coral in the middle is not from him- and keep in mind, I did replug some and lose a bit of encrustment. They all dipped clean like last time, but I am trying to make it a habit.

    (Corals brighter in person, I am still learning to take photos under LEDs)


    Unfortunately, the "boss" of the house says I am limited to one frag rack in this tank. So I will have to wait till 2019 to get everything acclimated, mounted, and have room for more. But I will be back.

    ***Or perhaps I can get a bigger frag rack made? #Loopholes