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    Help configuring Profilux 4, Aug 1, 2018
  1. FLSharkvictim

    I am also trying to set up my Tunze Osmolator 3155 AT0 System throught my P4. let me ask you quick question - would go and just assign your TUNZE ATO to the PAB BAR , then go into settings in myGHL control center AND GO INTO systems and click the edit button and change your operation mode to Auto Top Off, then set your max time that it runs, then Check the box that says ATO (OFF), you want that always checked on correct? Then, you can set your level sensors, i myself have the Optical and Level sensors so I will be using two switches for redundancy since I will be switching over to the Avast ATO system along with their Diaphragm pump IN ORDER to transfer the water from my saltwater water mixing station.

    Profilux 4 Ultimate Set
    4-sensor holder (for the base sensors that come with the mega package
    PL-1095 PL-LF-Base2 (Sensor assembly rod)
    PL-0082 Optical Sensor OR 1x PL-0077 Float Sensor
    PL-0723 Level sensor fastener, angled (For optical sensor) OR 1x PL-0080 Level sensor fastener
    #GHL #MaxSA doser for my AWC's

    GHL Acrylic ROD

    Level Sensor

  2. FLSharks 120 build, Jul 27, 2018
  3. FLSharkvictim

    Decided to switch UP my ATO reservoirs since my Brute can is reef safe and can hold 5 more gallons of water which is all connected to my RODI station on a float switch and a booster pump. For those who do not have over a min of 50 psi's coming out from your home which is your product water - I would strongly recommend getting a booster pump b/c if you don't you will burn through filters a lot faster, TRUST ME BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!! Anyhow, If you are running an RODI you most likely will require a booster pump to get the very BEST PERFORMANCE out of your RODI filtration system. I have mine set @ 60psi's when filling my Mixing station barrels or my 10 gallon ATO storage container. Also now that I have added a second membrane i have doubled the output of the water from 50gpd to 150(gpd) and cut the waste water in half when adding a 2nd membrane to your RODI system. I wanted to list all of my Equipment that I currently am running on my 120 Mixed reef b.c I am going to be using a lot of it for my next up and coming SCA 150 build. I will share some updated pictures of my tank that has been up and running since 2001 with around 50 pounds of Old school Tonga Branch (Which is no longer available and was banned for export in the early 2000's) Another 60 pounds of Ultra Premium Fiji live rock that been underwater for as long as this tank has been running for over 10 yrs solid at my new house and another 4 yrs at college. I have had my up's and downs with my 120 over the last decade but ever since I added an Santa Monica HOG1.3 Scrubber and a Dual Reactor - I have had ZERO Algae in my display but then again I do a 10 gallon water change every week or at the min every two weeks.
    Like I mentioned above I learned so much from those 3 years that I work for my LOCAL REEF STORE! I had an Apex Classic for a few years and it worked great but then ones my Brand new energy bars broke on me and I had to send them back to Neptune was down hill from there. After Hurricane Irma that came down the FL West coast line pretty much flatted my entire County and we were left with no power for 7 brutal days with no ac but i had a generator to keep my fish and coral alive. Basically all I had running was my TUNZE Power-heads 6055's one facing up to oxygenating the water and one pointing downwards to get some type of flow in the tank.. We were getting winds that were up to 90 -100 mph, since i live 5 minutes from the beach. All of my fish and coral all made it thought 7 insane days of no power plus I had to worry about the temp not getting over 83 degrees, i WAS on the edge of losing everything but somehow pulled it off since I have a Generator. After sending in my Apex power bars that did not work properly back to Neptune since it was still under warranty. I had two DOS DOSERS, plus just about every module that they make except for the par module. Anyways, when I got back my power bars from Neptune I noticed that my green lights were not working on the Energy power bars to let me know if the bar is getting any juice or not which somehow worked fine when I shipped it to Neptune but when I received it the led green lights did not work. The green little lights were not that big of a deal to me but it was about the principal and the two weeks without a contoller even know that the controller was still covered under their 1 year warranty and it should have been caught and tested before they ship me my energy bars back out but a-course they did not. Ones I got my Energy bars back from Neptune and went to hook back up everything all of my ports where all messed up and not to mention the green leds on the Energy bars, the power light did not work and it worked when i shipped them so i CALLED up tech support. When I normally call i would have to say 50% acted and make you fell like your a dumb#$#$#$#$. I myself always seem to get the stuck up with the Icehole that thinks he owns the company no names mentioned and monitors there forum.. I call him the APEX POLICE..LOL After telling Neptune's tech support that all of my outlets where all messed up and now, my little green leds no longer works on both brand new power bars that i just sent in for repair and rep said to me from Neptune's tech support told me you really don't even need them anyways which i could not believe that he actually said that to me. After that call I put up all my Apex gear for sale since I was sick and tired of dealing with the tech support and Most of all there customer service techs are ok, but there are a lot them that are very stuck up and act like us consumers are already suppose to know this or what even fix or updated that needed to be done. Sorry but in my opinion they are nothing but a pain in the ICE! When DROP OVER 800 ON A CONTROLLER, i except everything to work and work right plus, Neptune does not even send directions on how to do any type of installation, coding etc etc so I was done with Neptune and their tech support people especially this one Moderator for there form, boy he is a real winner let me tell ya! Long story short, I had enough with this company so thats why I have jumped ship over to GHL. I am currently not running a controller now since I am getting ready to install it on my new build. After selling every last piece of the Apex gear, i found a deal of a life time on a brand new never used ProfiLux4 Ultimate kit including an extra PAB bar plus, a ton of extras all for under a $1100.00 and placed an order with @premiumaquatics for my #GHL #MaxSA doser for AWC'S that's connected to my saltwater mixing station that I will get into later. I haven't set up there my controller yet but I did have to set up my GHL MaxiSA doser to I had to create account in myghl and create in account in the GHL Control center, they are separate. It's was a bit confusion but after taking to Mathias @ RAP at the GHL booth, it all made sense! So I re watched there YouTube Videos again and again until I was able to figure it out on how to run this doser... Yes, GHL IS A LOT more technical but when you have it all hooked up you don't have to buy 10 modules you're all good to go. Your ProfiLux will look like the back of your cable box, plug, and play! Lot of people will probably not like the way the platform since it can only run on windows so I had to buy a mini laptop which was no big deal since I run all MAC'S at the house. Plus, in my opinion, i like GHL tech support way better then the boys from California - Neptune.. GHL Youtube videos are way better and as far I CAN SEE i would much rather have a P4 vs the new 2016 apex any day of the week especially there dosers are TOP NOTCH!

    All-Glass Aquarium - 120 48''X24''X24'' w/ dual overflow boxes
    Illusions Custom sump = 35''x15''x15
    Santa Monica Algae Scrubber
    Reef Octo REGAL Protein Skimmer incl a VarioS2
    2 Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 HD LEDS
    Hms Single arm brackets
    EcoTech Marine M1 for the return pump
    Brs Dual Reactor / RowaPhos & ROX 0.8 Carbon
    Eshopps IV Master Doser Incl Slave
    Tunze Osmolator 3155 Water Level Regulation System
    Avast KALK reactor K1 Model
    Spectra Pure 5 Stage RODI system
    BRS peristaltic Pump to feed my KALK reactor / 50 mL per minute flow rate
    Maxspect Celestial Aquatic Algae Growing C35-A Spotlight
    4 Cepex Ball Valves
    2 Spears Gate Vales
    2 - 54 inch of RED PVC pipe
    2- Wye Check Valves
    50 gALLON Saltwater Mixing Station
    Reef Octo VarioS4 return pump / for my saltwater mixing station
    GHL Controller P4
    GHL MAXISA doser for AWC's

    DIY, 10 Gallon Brute ATO Storage container

    Back of the P4 Controller

    50 Gallon mixing station

    Back of the MaxiSA doser

    GHL Touch Screen

    P4 Ultimate Kit w/ tons of extras

    GHL MAXISA front shot
  4. Show your ATO container., Jul 19, 2018
  5. FLSharkvictim

    Since my last post, I currently now have my ATO connected to my 50 gallon Salt Water Mixing station. I have it directly connected to the RODI Storage barrel that runs a VarioS4 Return pump and run it off my Avast Marine Peristaltic Pump for a Auto Top-Off!
    So I have a 25 gallon container filled at all times with fresh RODI water. I just recently update my RODI to the BRS 6 STAGE with the DUAL Membrane to cut the waste water and half and it will give you double the production of the product water. Also, I have the new GHL #MaxSA doser that also connected to my saltwater barrel so I can do my scheduled AWC''s