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    Reef2Reef Pest algae challenge thread hydrogen peroxide, Jan 29, 2019
  1. justjes45


    Ok, here we go... took FOREVER to read through all of these posts, and really, I am still not super clear on how to do this...
    I am going to remove two rocks. Douse one with 3%, and scrape the other and douse it as well.
    My understanding is in three days I will have some improvement?
    Not SUPER confident on taking my glued rocks apart, and if this works, I am going to have to lure my anemone off of one rock...
    I didn’t think even corals could stay out of the water 20 mins... but one thread said they sprayed the rock and left it...

    Wish me luck! More pictures in three days....
    #allmymoneygoestocorals- lol ( my husband might just kill me...)
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  3. Tanacharison

    This is your best yet! Such an insane collection. #allmymoneygoestocorals #istheinternetbroken?
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  5. Reefer805

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  7. Zazzy

    i got my reef 5 years ago for christmas but ive been working for 2 years and im 17... all i do is work and school... #allmymoneygoestocorals