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  3. Crabs McJones

    So I have the Apex EL with the DOS and DDR reservoir. And I am struggling to figure out how to setup alerts when the levels get low. I have my DOS plugged into one of the EB832 outlets, and I have the switches on my fusion dashboard, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it send me an alert when the reservoir is low.
    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thanks :)
  4. LDK, Mar 30, 2019
  5. AdamNC

    #apexusers anyone?
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  7. Crabs McJones

    Lets see if any #apexusers might know the answers to your questions :)
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  9. Why-Me

    @RussM #ApexUsers @Terence
    Is there a maximum distance I can connect my DC8 from my Apex lite head unit. It's the one that connects via phone jack.
    I'd like to control a second tank in a different part of the house with the DC8. I believe the distance I need to travel is around 40ft with a max of 50ft. from tank to tank.
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  12. Ramasule

    Yes, I recommend the staggered heaters. But, a lot of feedback was happening on videos that I was watching about one heater always being used, so I thought hey why not swap them out. I used to just physically switch the outlets but this is way easier, and I'm a lazy reefer haha.

    I live in the cold snap :) It's probably a good idea just to always have foam around your sump anyways, less $$$$.

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  14. MSB123

    Heartbeat works by measuring the time between when the apex lost connection to the internet, and subsequently, your phone/computer. Correct me if I’m wrong
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  16. AdamNC

    Would this be good to use for an Apex pH Probe? I need about a good 8-10 feet to go to a second tank.