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    Where does the Klir filter roller fit? | #AskBRStv, Oct 17, 2018 at 12:07 PM
  1. randyBRS

    Hey R2R!

    We have a new #AskBRStv question from the YouTube comments section on one of our previous videos, this one T Surro was wondering if the rolling filters from Klir fit in the Red Sea Reefer tanks.

    The short answer is that the Red Sea sock holders are a bit smaller than traditional 4" holders, so the Klir doesn't fit out of the box, but there are other options that I walk through in today's video. :)

  2. AI Hydra Translation of SPS AB+, Oct 15, 2018 at 2:23 PM
  3. randyBRS

    Actually, a great topic for an #AskBRStv episode! ;) But yes, it does look like you can now control AI HD lights via the latest Neptune Apex using their latest IOTA programming.
  4. 150 gallon SCA aquarium build, Oct 12, 2018
  5. Samuel Diaz


    Sustainable aquatics / coral reef fish just arrive - honestly what a rip off out of 30 ten where of quality . Lesson learned BRS be careful who you recommend before a long time viewer listens and spends hundreds of dollars on mediocre fish @randyBRS #askbrstv @Bulk Reef Supply
  6. BRS - what's up with Sicce Syncra ADV pumps?, Oct 11, 2018
  7. Do you need metric to NPT adapters for compact rollermat? | #AskBRStv, Oct 10, 2018
  8. randyBRS

    Happy Wednesday Reefers!

    Today we've got two new #AskBRStv episodes for you and this one is from Ryan's Instagram where he showed off the latest Theiling Compact Rollermat and how we plumbed it under the BRS/WWC Red Sea Reefer 750XXL. :)

    Quick answer, nope, no conversions needed! I'll show you why.

  9. Co2 scrubber, Oct 5, 2018
  10. randyBRS

    Good one for a quick #AskBRStv episode! It's super simple to do with a couple fittings and some 3/8" hose.

    You'll need (2x) these 1⁄2” MALE NPT X 3⁄8” BARB KYNAR ELBOW

    All you need after that is the CO2 media and a length of 3/8" tubing (which we find is pretty universal among a wide variety of skimmers).

    The in/out port on the reactor you have is 1/2"NPT, so simply remove the push connect fittings and thread in the Kynar elbows. :)
  11. 24hr dosing pumps: To push or to pull through the CaRx | #AskBRStv, Oct 1, 2018
  12. randyBRS

    Hey Reefers!

    We just keep pushing them out and today we have another #AskBRStv for you. This one is from the community over on YouTube where John was wondering whether you push or pull into a CaRx when using the continuous duty dosing pump from Kamoer.

    Find out what we think. :)

  13. Fill your reactor full or let carbon tumble? | #AskBRStv, Sep 30, 2018
  14. randyBRS


    Happy weekend! We’ve got a Sunday treat for you today with ANOTHER #AskBRStv question, this one from our own website Q&A vault. Today I answer a question from Jackie about tumbling carbon or filling the reactor full!

  15. AI Hydra Translation of SPS AB+, Sep 21, 2018
  16. dave57

    #AskBrstv #RandyBrs
    Can you guys verify this with a spectrometer?

    quoting, Stephen Mc Gowen
    “Last week the question came up about the equivalent percentages for the BRStv SPS AB+ Spectrum program. BRStv shared their settings for an AI Prime HD and there are lots of variations on this schedule available, as a download from this page. The question that was asked was if there was a translation of this for a 52 HD. Although the 52 HD is 4 LED pucks, to the Prime HDs 1 puck, the power available on each channel isn't just a 4 times what you'd get from a Prime. So I pulled together the data and worked out the equivalent values for the SPS AB+ program for a Prime HD, a 26 HD and a 52HD.

    For those who only want the results, here they are. The percentages are given to 2 decimal places, which obviously you can't do in the app but the values can just be rounded to the nearest whole number:

    26 HD:
    UV - 117.98% (ie. max)
    Violet - 101.27%
    Royal - 82.34%
    Blue - 64.64%
    Green - 5.54%
    Deep Red - 5.16%
    Cool White - 19.03%

    Honestly I don't think there's a lot of difference for a 26HD, I'm not convinced it will make a huge difference. Overall it uses almost 3.5 Watts less power, so adjusting to this may meant less PAR getting to your coral.

    52 HD:
    UV - 156.40% (ie. max)
    Violet - 135.11%
    Royal - 118.87%
    Blue - 77.21%
    Green - 10.55%
    Deep Red - 8.83%
    Cool White - 27.10%

    This program is very different. It makes use of the HD range of the Royal colour channel as well. It also uses an additional 12 Watts of power, than the standard AB+ program, so it should meant significantly more PAR getting to your corals.

    Now, for those who are interested in how I came up with these numbers. The AI lights have a max amount of milliWatts (mW) they can handle and a max amount of mW per colour channel as well. Using this I worked out the total amount of mW used by the SPS AB+ program and then worked out the percentage of that total that was allocated to each channel. At this point I have to make an assumption, that the color spectrum of each colour channel, will stay the same, no matter how much power is being driven through far as I know, because of how LEDs work, this is a fair assumption (open to critics of this, if I'm wrong). Lastly I calculated the equivalent power distribution between all of the colour channels, for the Hydra 26 HD and Hydra 52 HD, before converting everything back to percentages, to share.

    If anyone has any questions about how this all worked, or criticisms let me know. The data behind the numbers above can be seen at this link. David Garcia thanks for the help”
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