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    Kessil A360WE, A360x, and A360x w/ Narrow Reflector Par Results..., Jul 2, 2019
  1. Doostur

    Watch below.... Maybe that will help?

    Watch "Kessil Spectral Controller X Video Guide" on YouTube

    Watch "Show me how to program Kessil Spectral Controller X ? | #AskBRStv" on YouTube
  2. AI Prime Party Mode!, May 30, 2019
  3. Bulk Reef Supply

    This was too funny not to share. We recently had a #AskBRStv member post about a myAI app "party mode" and an AI game. Needless to say, we were a bit skeptical, but had to try it out. Strange enough, it actually works! (on iOS only). Has anyone else discovered this Easter egg yet?

    Click here to see the original Facebook post :)

  4. Trident Giveaway!, May 21, 2019
  5. Bulk Reef Supply

    Hey Reef2Reefers!
    With all of the hype behind the Trident, we wanted to do something fun to give back to the community. We have 1 Trident that we're giving away over on the #AskBRStv Facebook group. Click here to join the group and check out the pinned announcement post for details on how to enter :)

  6. Firefish fin rot?, May 14, 2019
  7. Res_Ipsa

    Howdy! I bought a helfrichi firefish from a well known LFS and brought it home a few days ago. On arrival I did a freshwater dip, a 30min bath in methylene blue, and a couple days in QT.

    After moving it to my DT in a breeder basket, I noticed it’s tail was looking rough. Is this fin rot or possibly caused by rubbing against the breeder net? Something else?

    #reefsquad #askbrstv

  8. Hanna ULR Issues, Apr 29, 2019
  9. William DeCoursey

    I had the same issue. Was advised to use the same vial to zero the meter and to do the actual test. Add C1, get it out quick, add reagent, shake, polish, put it back in for add C2. Mine is the LR, not the ULR. I'm no expert, but that was the overwhelming consensus when I tried the #askBRSTV fb page. I think it was even a hanna rep. Point being, it's a PAIN cuz mine times out after 3 mins and getting the regents out of that little envelope and shaking for two minutes, plus buffing the vial is hard. Even so, my results have been a lot more consistent since using that approach. Still not what I'd like, but I'm not questioning the trends anyhow.
  10. Nick's Waterbox 100.3, Apr 5, 2019
  11. nickkohrn

    Everything is doing well!

    Since my MarinePure brick was cured for nearly six months before adding it to the system, I didn’t end up with a long diatom/algae stage. I was able to add a bunch of life into the tank, and things have been going well.

    Coral Additions:
    • Green-Tipped Seriatopora
    • Pro Corals Rainbow Acropora
    • Green, red, and purple Montipora Capricornis
    • Tyree Rainbow Stylophora
    • Bubblegum Montipora Digitata
    • Battlecorals Frankenberry Acropora
    • GARF Bonsai (hasn’t kept much purple)
    • German Blue-Polyp Montipora Digitata
    • Unnamed Acropora
    • A handful of Acropora Milleporas
    Fish Additions:
    • Biota Forktail Blenny
    • ORA Indigo Dottyback (currently in acclimation box)
    Invertebrate Additions:
    • Three Trochus snails

    I picked up some new equipment as well:
    • Two Vertex 2.5T dosing containers
      • Acropower
      • Sodium Nitrate (can’t keep detectable levels regardless of heavy feeding schedule)
    • Hanna Checkers
      • Phosphate ULR
      • Alkalinity
      • Calcium
    • Flipper DeepSee Magnifier (awesome piece of hardware)
    • Diffusers for my Radions
    • Feeding ring for my Neptune Systems AFS
    Something else that is awesome happened recently; I became one of two public moderators for the #askBRStv Facebook group. I spoke with Ryan and Randy over the phone, and it was hard to contain my excitement and nervousness. However, it’s been a fun experience and I am humbled to be given the opportunity.

    I’ll work on getting some good shots of the tank this weekend. I need to clean it up and perform a water-change. I must have used too much thread sealant when connecting my Neptune flow sensors because I’ve been finding it in the tank after the return pump turns off and back on. It settles on the bottom glass, so I’m going to suck it out this weekend. I think it’s starting to slow down, though.

    Also, I’ve visited my dad over the recent weekend, and he had a bunch of spare wood in the barn. We used some to build a mobile station for water filtration. It has been painful trying to filter water in this apartment. There is no sink or Spicket on the first floor, where the aquarium is. So, I had to carry my unassembled seven-stage RO/DI unit, buckets, booster pump, automatic flush kit, and towels up the stairs, assemble everything, carry buckets down to the garage, disassemble everything, and carry it back down to the garage when done. With the wooden mounting structure, I am able to carry everything up in one piece without disassembly. It is quite heavy, but worth it.

    Below are some photos that I took last week of the aquarium:

    Below are the containers that I will be using for dosing:

    Below are photos and a video of my mobile filtration mount as well as a video that shows the path that I take (recorded before the mount was built):

    Below are videos of some of the corals that I picked up:

    Below are a few videos of my fish:

    And I’ll throw my dog, Mac, who is a Bernedoodle, in for fun:

    He was bad, so he got to watch the neighbor dogs play outside while he was stuck inside:

    He goes to daycare a couple times each week, so here he is after I picked him up. He was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up with his head against the back seat while drool ran down the seat. The wind in his fur must have felt good that day:

    I apologize for the sound in the videos. I forgot to mute them all before uploading them to YouTube.
  12. Brand New 8 gallon bio cube, Apr 4, 2019
  13. Robin Haselden

    I just wanna say how much I appreciate a place like this... this whole website, and this thread too.

    Facebook reef groups can get so toxic. That #askbrstv group is like poison... I'm probably going to leave all of them and say to heck with it all but R2R and the local group. So many people who just want to argue and try and belittle someone, just for the heck of it.
  14. BRS - what's up with Sicce Syncra ADV pumps?, Mar 28, 2019
  15. ksed

    I agree ! But perhaps also educated the basics of a flow curve so that when the purchase a pump they won’t be disappointed and which pump might suit their applications. How many times do we see customers purchasing a pump and are disappointed by the flow rate!
    Anyhow I think BRS should consider something along this line.
    @randyBRS #AskBRStv
  16. BRS - what's up with Sicce Syncra ADV pumps?, Mar 25, 2019
  17. don_chuwish

    Comparing the power efficiency (on paper) between the Syncra Silent and the ADV makes me really want the ADV. Still haven't seen much talk about them in the hobby though. Waiting to see an #AskBRStv episode really go over their performance characteristics!
  18. Community Appreciation Day TOMORROW! (03/01), Mar 1, 2019
  19. Bulk Reef Supply

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