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    Kman's 180 Gallon in wall Reef, Dec 8, 2018 at 11:10 PM
  1. Kman237

    I posted this on a few groups I am in on FB and one being the #ASKBRSTV and many people replied that the company heard about the problem and fixed and are sending out fixtures that have clamps made of metal just like you stated. I Bought mine back in December 2017 the fixture was still pretty new then. I sent them an email hopefully they will send me those clamps. I tried to pull off the plastic on mine and I guess after a year of being melted it was near impossible lol. It felt like I was going to break the clamp if I tried any harder.
  2. Coral placement ULM EDITION, Dec 4, 2018
  3. lilbitreefer

    Posted this in the #askbrstv thought you guys might get a laugh too.

    Coral frag placement/relocation, ULM edition. No need to get your hands wet ever again. This hardworking crew will move your corals for you on a daily basis. Guaranteed new coral relocation every day. As an added bonus, to give you maximum viewing pleasure during the day, this crew makes sure to get the heavy lifting done while you sleep.

    Warning: Prefered coral placement can be made upon request 24 hours in advance to Mrs. Pom. Preferred placenent NOT guaranteed. Corals larger than a frag plug will incure a additional fee of two extra PE mysis cubes thawed,and seasoned with reefroids.


    #brstv #askbrstv #coralrelocatipncrew #CRC
  4. 2018 Black Friday sales have begun... :o, Nov 23, 2018
  5. Bulk Reef Supply

    Nicky G., Josh, Jason and Adam! Adam is actually leaving the CS team to join Ryan's team answering all your #AskBRStv questions.
  6. 2018 Black Friday sales have begun... :o, Nov 21, 2018
  7. Bulk Reef Supply

    #askbrstv @Ryanbrs @randyBRS @Zack@BRS
  8. BF@BRS, Nov 21, 2018
  9. Bulk Reef Supply

    Yeah it's in our facebook community #AskBRStv

  10. 2018 Black Friday sales have begun... :o, Nov 20, 2018
  11. Bulk Reef Supply

    That's a great question for #AskBRStv ;)
  12. AI Hydra Translation of SPS AB+, Nov 7, 2018
  13. randyBRS

    Really there are a wide variety of spectrum and PAR that have been proven successful at growing coral, so there's likely no wrong answer as to which path you choose (within ranges that have been known to work, from T5, MH to LED).

    That said, as I understand it the EcoTech Marine AB+ spectrum is a close representation of the spectrum created from using the Blue Plus and Aquablue Special ATI T5 bulbs, which many reefers have used over the years with great results. EcoTech then implemented this with their EcoTech CoralLab experiments, which also found success (see the Spectrum and PAR section of the link provided).

    This seems to have led to several other reefers using the same spectrum setting for their tanks, including WWC using a modified AB+ for pretty much all of their display tanks. With that said, when we started the BRStv Investigates episodes that tested a variety of LED fixtures for things like PAR, spread, diffusion, etc. we used the AB+ spectrum as a standard to compare the lights to; which is what stemmed the recreation of the AB+ on the AI Prime in THIS VIDEO. Fast forward to over a year later, we've had several calls for us to recreate the AB+ spectrum on other LED lights like the Hydras and with the new #AskBRStv series we found an opportunity to finally do just that.

    So in the end, find a setting that works/looks best for you and your tank and stick with it. As WWC lives by, once it's set don't touch it because stability is a key component to their success, which is something I firmly believe also. :)
  14. This snake oil?, Nov 6, 2018
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