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    What's in your Fuge?, Feb 20, 2018
  1. keithdoc

    Looks like a lot of folks starting down the Triton Journey - plenty of clean looking sumps and questions. What I don't see are any specifics on what's in the Fuge? Or how to maintain it.
    Where are our salty Triton Reefers and their Fuge stories . . . . .

    My Fuge:
    Size: 12% of Display
    Macro Algae: Chaeto, Devils Tongue
    Lighting: Kesil H380
    Pump: none (but considering it)
    Clean up Crew: none (about to do it)

    Personally, I'm on day 10, and have been really impressed with how much the macro algae has grown (doubled in size from baseball). No appreciable detritus yet.
    The display tank has zero buildup anywhere (compared to scraping every 2-3 days #BeforeTriton :)
    However, the fuge looks like a brown algae bomb just went off.
    I'm feeling guilty my snails look hungry on their 10d fast.

    What CRITTERS do you keep in your FUGE?
    Are various snails "OK" down there? Astrea vs Turbos.
    Any other recommended critters?

    How do you maintain your FUGE?
    How do you keep detritus manageable?
    Rinse Cheat in fresh salt when harvesting it?
    Keep a separate pump in there?
    Vacuum through filter sock?
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