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    Need help with ATI 6 bulb combo, Jan 7, 2018
  1. Daniel Waters

    Great tank #Bpb. Thanks for sharing! To use Bpb bulb combo as an example, you'll notice he is basically using a 3:1 ratio of blue to white bulbs. However, the 6500k is a very white bulb compared to the ATI coral plus bulb I recommended. Also, he is using 2 actinics which are deeper blue. I suspect this helps to subdue the white look of 6500k bulbs a little bit.

    Bulb combinations can be maddening if you dwell on it too much but don't get too worried over it. You can't really screw it up with the bulbs they have nowadays. They will all grow coral. Just try different combinations till you find the mix you like. I'm very jealous and wish I had an 8 bulb ATI I could incorporate into my setup now!
  2. Whats available for non custom 180 gallon, Apr 3, 2017
  3. Zachhll

    #Bpb thanks for pointing me to the SCA I had not seen them yet. I am really wanting to hit the 6ft mark. As it will fit perfect where I am trying to put it. Pricing is really good though. Other then the 210. That's the one I would be interested in. It is three times the cost of the 150 must need thicker glass or something. I was also looking for three drains and at least 1 return in the overflow.
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