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    Mike's Red Sea Reefer 525 XL build, Sep 11, 2018
  1. pwilliaml

    Hey Mike, I forget, do you have a refugium under your tank? I just got my Kessil H160 light and was thinking of adding a refugium with chaeto to my sump to help with Nitrate and Phosphate control. From what I remember, I should be OK with using Vibrant at no more than 1 dose a week, maybe every 2 weeks. Anyway, #Brew12 chime in if I'm wrong. Thanks.
  2. Cycling questions., May 14, 2017
  3. Jason mack

    I agree with #brew12 .. although you may experience a small mini cycle while your tank catches up too the new bio load ..
  4. Medical reef safe, Apr 28, 2017
  5. BrunoSnow

    I have read both of the medic polyp lab is an oxidizer like #Brew12 said according to the site of the polyp lab only has effects on the larvae stage when they are in the water column, if you go there a lot of hobbyists talk wonders about the product, but has you now the cyst may be inactive for a few days so they talk in a treatment of 20 days that to me seems to be a way to try to fight that part of the stage of the parasites. The prodibio I think that is some sort of medical because at the end of the treatment you must use a component tho re-establish the beneficial bacteria from your system, also I read that someone that tried whit prodibio lost all of the fish but none of the sps and lps or their tridacna clam was affected, could be that the fishes ware so debilitated that was noting to do to save them, that imo copper is a bad thing but is the only thing that helps in some diseases, or better said if that works wy try to find something else... I think that we lost a lot of fish especially in this hobby because they die from the cure that we try to do to save them, a big part of the fish is wild caught so the disease may be in a hibernation form and the fish could survive in the wild but wen caught, the stress from a diferent habitat that is provided, then the shipping to the retailer then to the local fish store then to our tank the fish must be really healthy to handle all that, if there was a better way tho try to give them a better chance to survive I really think that isn't by medical copper base, I think that you can have a system free from disease but have to be sterilized first and the way is new medical like this two, that qt is the right way to do but has I said the hilness could be in hibernation on the fish you have a rough that causes stress in the new fish in you main system and the evil is released in your tank, what to do if you have a system of 100g or more...