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    ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 17, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    Like to do another update on my Aquascape! When I first set up the tank which should be in next 4 wks, give or take, just waiting on Synergy to complete my CL-44 sump and my matching 10-gallon ATO container.
    I was thinking, In order to speed up my cycle, I am going to use some of my Old School #Premium #Ultra #Fiji live rock that I have left over from my previous 120 mixed reef build.
    Going be using some E-Marco / E-400 Mortar to cement my selected piece in place for the #Aquascape.. This stuff is reef safe and really works awesome for making custom shapes and pieces.
    Also, I will be using Acrylic rods so I make some really cool ledges, and over hangs - etc. Also, I will be adding Dr Tim's

    Just an Illustration of the E-Marco 400 Mortar kit and whats in it!


    I have been thinking about my new scape for a while now, for the new build! I was thinking maybe something like this - For that minimalist type #Aquascape that I am looking for. My new SCA 150 will mainly be an all SPS dominate type tank? In the meantime, I am recurring my live rock in my 35-gallon Brute garbage can and got a heater in there at around 82 degrees. I skipped the bleach bath since this Premium #Ultra #Fiji live rock does not smell one bit. I have had it stored in the back left grey container as you see in the picture on the left-hand side for about two months. Either way, it's currently recurring and I will also use some MicrōBacter7 from #BrightwellAquatics.


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