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    Triton Sumps, Jan 26, 2018
  1. madcanary

    SCA Aquariums for a 150 Steve is a great guy to deal with, and I see a lot of his tanks. I have one. As far as a one-stop shop the guys at #Bulkreefsupply got you-you can call them and give them your card over the phone, and they will help you spend it they never have an issue taking my money and I've never had an issue customer service is great. Skimz has a great line I've been happy with, and I love my Synergy TS-44.
  2. 29 gallon reef tank build., Dec 2, 2017
  3. Reefer805

    From day 1 to 5 months! How far I’ve come. Started with a 29 gallon tank from @petsmart and a @fluvalaquatics Aquaclear 110 HOB. Now I’m running a full sump/refugium with reactors! Truly blessed and stoked! #reeftank #reeftankbuild #allmymoneygoestocorals #polyplab #eshopps #sump #bulkreefsupply #marinedepot #timelapse #darkhorsereef

  4. 29 gallon reef tank build., Nov 27, 2017
  5. Reefer805

    Another upgrade to add to the Darkhorse Reef. The Bulk Reef Supply dual reactor. Little overkill for a 29dt, but gives me some growing room. I’ll be running 3/4 cup GFO and a 1/2 cup carbon. Well check back in a week to see how the algae holds up. #reeftank #reeftankbuild #bulkreefsupply #reactor #gfo #carbon #darkhorsereef

  6. 29 gallon reef tank build., Nov 17, 2017
  7. Reefer805

    Sometimes, simple is what works. Need to clean up some more wires and such and wait for my new skimmer. #reeftank #reeftankbuild #sump #starfire #customplumbing #bulkreefsupply #marinedepot #darkhorsereef

  8. 29 gallon reef tank build., Nov 8, 2017
  9. Reefer805

    So the sump conversion has begun! First things first, since this sump is all glass I took some precautions as to make sure it’s a 100 percent level. I did that by first checking the bottom shelf for level and trueness. That being done I used Innovative Marine’s DIY Aquarium Leveling Mat. This material is self leveling and removes all pressure points that can lead to tank failure. It’s self adhesive and custom cut, so that makes it easy and fast! I recommend this on all sumps and display tanks. Available @bulkreefsupply and @MarineDepot. Next is the plumbing, waiting on some parts from a number of places. #reeftank #reeftankbuild #innovativemarine #bulkreefsupply #marinedepot #level #sump #upgrade #allmymoneygoestocoral #darkhorsereef