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    Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?, Jan 13, 2018
  1. mcarroll

    Correcting tank conditions, removing disturbances and beefing up the cleanup crew usually will do it. Some physical removal by hand with scrubbing and siphoning is usually necessary as well, especially if it's blooming near corals. (I had to toothbrush my Hydnophora at least once a day and I still lost 90% of the colony to encroaching chrysophytes.)

    They don't seem to have anything like the effect dino's have on phosphate consumption however, so nutrient corrections are usually very minor.

    They can also be toxic, so I'd recommend the same activated carbon treatment while they're blooming.

    To anyone interested – check out @reeferfoxx's posts on the topic as well......many of which you'll see under the #chrysophyte tag if you click it. :)
  2. Dinoflagellates? Please help!, Dec 31, 2017
  3. mcarroll

    If you're doing anything beyond protein skimming to cause your "low nutrient situation" stop what you're doing. The tank is too new to be subjected to lots of nutrient export tools. Good algae and other beneficial critters also need those nutrients and are still struggling to get established in your tank.

    Your pic kinda looks #chrysophyte-like to me. (click that tag) @reeferfoxx has lots of posts on the topic that will help too!!

    If you can get a $10 toy microscope (see: Selecting a microscope) you could look at a sample and know almost for sure what it is. Highly recommended on general principle.....feels like a no-brainer at $10. ;) Troubleshooting with a blindfold on is always harder!

    TO me your pic looks like a very new tank that may or may not have GFO and carbon being used on it and which has the lights on but a CUC and coral load that's near-zero or zero.

    If you don't have corals, I'd probably have the lights off. If you do, then you need a lot more snails.

    First the snails died....possibly from toxins....possibly from starvation....or a combo....then the shrimp ate them. (Or the shrimp were starving....that could also motivate them.)

    Tank is too small for an urchin.
    Also too small for that blenny.
    Turbo's are probably too big in the long run, but good to get things under control. (Don't let them starve later on by preventing GOOD ALGAE from growing in your tank – they need it.)
    Leave the hermits off the order.