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    Madcanarys SCA 150g, Sep 24, 2017
  1. madcanary

    almost forgot, those 200w #cobaltaquatic neotherms that bust a few months ago?!? oh yeah turns out they where not the new version they sent....
    lost all my livestock and my coral is ****** again....

    They did say sorry our equipment fried you tank almost burned the house down filling it with nouxious chemical smoke heres 2 replacements and a 25% off coupon. while i understand they stand behind there products i was kinda dissapointed i thought they may have reached out further, these things aint cheap and i just bought another for my QT system. talk about brand loyalty.
    Either way i lost all my fish but that dang sailfin and a yellow wrasse. i added another #avast MR5 filled with carbon to help the spyglass remove any toxins. coral recovered but im back to square one with my fish.