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    Archon Controller - Video Series, May 14, 2017
  1. n2585722

    OK there is a file on the usb stick in the etc folder and ssmtp sub folder called sendMail2. The first of the file using word pad should look like below. In the default values the send mail to value should be the email address or addresses that you want the email sent to. See if it is the address that you want. If it is correct then the Archon may not have access to the internet.


    echo "usage: $0 options"
    echo "OPTIONS:"
    exho " -b [body]"
    echo " -t [to@email]"
    echo " -f [from@email]"
    echo " -s \"subject string\""
    echo " -a [path/to/attachent]"

    #default values
    read id
    local body="$id \nYour alarm has triggered!"
    local sendto=""
    local subject="Email Alarm Alert from your Archon Webserver"
    local from=""
    local errorsfile=/tmp/ssmtp.error
    local file
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