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    CALLING ALL PRO DIY'ers... TANK to Custom Sump Conversion!, Jul 9, 2018
  1. RichtheReefer21

    I am in the process of setting up and running an old school Perfecto 125g through a fallow period while I copper treat my old 55g. The 55g has my fish and Sand in it, a nano pump, 75g HOTB filter and an old remora HOTB skimmer, Ceramic 200w heater, nothing more.

    The 125 is running off an Aqueon 400 Canister that is established from running the 55 for 3 months.
    All of my Rock and Corals are there now... +a 50lbs box of dryrock


    Old: (Before transferring everything to new tank) [FUTURE DIY SUMP)


    Once my fallow period is done, the fish should be squeaky clean and healthy, and I will move them (Slowly) into the 125 as it will be fully established and stable in 2 months.

    Then the fun starts... Converting the 55g (48" x 20" x 12") into my Sump system for the new 125.
    I already have a Custom-drilled 12"x12" acrylic box to setup as an external Chaeto Fuge to save space in my Tank/Sump setup for reactors etc...

    I need input, ideas, past experience, Do's and Dont's, And what worked for YOU!

    Please share Pics and setups of your DIY Tank-to-Sump Conversions here so I can see what I am up against in 2 months!

    Please Include:
    - Size of your old tank, and your new tank
    - Sump Products/Brands/Powerput etc
    - Heater placement, Plumbing Ideas/Pathing
    - ATO and Dosing Setups

    This could be sticky if we make it for all to share! I'm surprised there isn't one already!!

    Fire away!!! Mozzletov!

    #DIYWizards #Custom #DIY #Sump
  2. Plumbing to main tank finally, Jun 10, 2018
  3. Ranjib

    Not a plumbing expert, lets see what others thing #diywizards
  4. A little worried.. Silicon separating from glass?, Jun 5, 2018
  5. mdbannister

    Looking at it, it does look like a piece of something that was there but has been removed...but that still might make me nervous. Maybe someone with more experience on tank repair will weigh in. #reefsquad #DIYwizards
  6. Screen mesh questions, Mar 30, 2018

    #DIYWizards #Reefsquad

    How to go about the internal corners for a screen shown in RED. Here is my pic. I need input on the red corners. Where to get them or how did you all do this kind of screen.
  8. Typhon Controller/Steve's LEDs Questions, Jan 12, 2018
  9. mdbannister

    Any of our #DIYwizards or #reefsquad have any ideas on this one?
  10. Expanded tank 400 Gallons plumb return ideas. Any large water movers out there?, Nov 5, 2017
  11. joekool

    This is a tank remodel the tank was a 210 display and I'm changing the side panels of glass to make it 400. I had this pump running only 3 3/4'' lines to the tank. I know the pump is plenty capable of pumping everything I need in the new size. Not asking about the capabilities of this pump. It can do the job fine.

    I have a blank slate as far as the new returns so I'm asking for ideas because I can do anything I want.

    Pump has 1.5'' outlet and was trying to figure out how I want to run the returns.

    Is running 1.5'' up and over along the top with 1'' feeders off it the best way?

    Should I use the manifold I made but haven't used with 4 1'' feeds from under the display?

    Should I go through the bottom?
    Not sure about this as I don't want to use siphon valves but not opposed torunning down into the tank from the top with a hole drilled in elbow for anti-siphon.

  12. Help "redesigning" an ADA style plywood stand, Oct 24, 2017
  13. mdbannister

    Someone from the #reefsquad could possibly help. We also have a number of #DIYWizards in here who might be able to give some advice.
  14. DELTEC Skimmer, Oct 21, 2017
  15. mdbannister

    I'd bet someone on the #reefsquad could help with figuring out a fix. #DIYwizards
  16. CW's 300, May 4, 2017
  17. mdbannister

    Nice tank! I can't speak to the expanding openings question, but maybe one of our #DIYwizards or #reefsquad can help.
  18. Calling all DIY Wizards!!!, Apr 25, 2017
  19. mdbannister

    Attention all DIY Wizards!! We're looking for folks who will help us with DIY questions and issues! If you have expertise in DIY solutions, please be sure to click on the hashtag #DIYWizards and subscribe to it so that our community can use that hashtag to call on you all to get good answers to their DIY questions! We value your experience and thank you in advance for helping our community!
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