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    Core 7 Availability, Jan 18, 2018
  1. Want2BS8ed

    You should direct any concerns regarding supply issues to Triton.

    As for trying to help you find a substitute for the currently unobtainium Core7, check out the last post before the first thread listed above was closed...

    It answers your question regarding Base Elements vs Core7.

    You are welcome,
  2. Triton with Eshopps R300 sump?, Jan 18, 2018
  3. Want2BS8ed

    Thanks for the redirect here Dj City. Nice looking tank.
    I would if for no reason than your skimmer is your primary means of nutrient export. The refugium will bind/use some as will carbon and GFO, but getting adequate flow to your skimmer would be most important in my opinion.

    That's tough. Substantially less than you think. It's hard to tell from your pictures how far back your rock is from front to back, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were below a net of 80 gallons. What are the dimensions of your tank and can you provide a side shot?

    Yes. Triton's recommendations are guidelines, not absolutes. If the smaller refugium becomes limiting as your tank fills out, you can always add a supplementary refugium later. I'd run with what I have first.

    No, see above. I would want more flow to my skimmer. That crud will be teaming with life. Leave it in place or if it really bothers you, stick a power head in and get it up in the water column so the skimmer can take some out.

    Stick with the Triton Method Core7... if you can find it or don't mind subsidizing their packaging failure until the price comes down. #dorighttriton

    No water changes unless there is a problem and you need to dilute an element that has risen above safe levels.

    No worries. You will be miles ahead converting over from an existing system.

    Good luck!

  4. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  5. Want2BS8ed

    Sorry mdd1986. Core7 is supposed to be 7x more concentrated.

    The following link may help:

  6. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  7. Want2BS8ed

    Michael Vick and dogfighting? No. Ethical treatment of snowflakes? Cyber bullying milk cows? How about IBM PC's with dual 5-1/4" floppy drives? Wether chocolate milk taste better from a cardboard carton, plastic, glass or a yellow juice box?

    Still no Core7 online at BSR or UC...

  8. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  9. Want2BS8ed

    PETA might disagree with your assessment regarding survival and unfortunately changing to a different product/method is anything but free.

  10. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  11. Want2BS8ed

    Product linked to is not Core7. Base Elements in the link were replaced by Core7 which is more concentrated (wether in plastic or cardboard).

    Sorry if that wasn't clear.

  12. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  13. Want2BS8ed

    Checking on UC's website and just noticed they still have the original base elements still in stock:

    If you are out and desperate or want the plastic bottles it's an option.

    FWIW, they're still sold out of Core7.

  14. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  15. Want2BS8ed

    Stock·holm syn·drome
    feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

    Amazing that everyone is defending someone who is taking advantage of them.

    ...but Lasse, at least I use Triton's full system. Do you have a dog in this hunt? Do you use Triton Core7? If so, are you paying more or less than you did 4 months ago?

    Shouldn't that be Special Triton Snowflake? Not sure that really fits either. Wouldn't a snowflake be advocating for an expansion of the subsidy Triton is expecting rather than against it?

    I swear I think I know this guy. I think he may have lived down the hall from me in my dorm my freshman year of college.

    Just refreshed BRS's website. Still showing the old price and no Core7 in stock.

  16. New tank and tin, Jan 18, 2018
  17. Want2BS8ed

    Dunno, I'm not a chemist.

    I know after the first round of 6x15% water changes tin increased.

    UniqueCorals recommended the DeTox mentioning it bound more than what was on the bottle. Followed the DeTox directions, waited, followed the Panta Lith directions, waited and had just begun the second round of water changes when the next ICP sample was sent in and Tin had been cut in half.

    Second round of DeTox/Panta Lith/water change virtually eliminated the Tin.

    Not particularly scientific and certainly anecdotal I realize, but somewhere along the process Tin was either bound or removed.

    Was it the DeTox, the Panta Lith or the two in combination with the water changes? I can't say, but I won't argue with the end result.

    Silicon would be awesome, but given what I paid for a foot long piece of thick walled 1-1/2" silicon to connect an Abyzz pump the cost of running a full beananimal to the basement + a 7' shift to the right would have been prohibitive.

  18. Core7 in stock?, Jan 18, 2018
  19. Want2BS8ed

    ...and tea in China costs how much?

    Real Fact 2: As this is being written this morning, no Core7 is available in the US,

    If you would like to be helpful Lasse, why not provide the prices in all of those countries before the change to cardboard cartons? That would be much more informative to those of us who are expecting the penalty price to be reduced... eventually.

    While you are at it, also check the base price of a BMW 5 Series in Europe vs the US. Pretty substantial difference. Very different tax regimes.

    Real Fact 3: Triton passed the savings of the new cartons by reducing the price of Core7 products in Europe.

    Real Fact 4: Triton HAS NOT reduced the price globally outside of Europe

    Real Fact 5: because of the leaking containers, demand has outstripped the supply of Core7

    Real Fact 6: Triton has stated publicly here on R2R that the rest of the world will continue to pay the penalty pricing until their supply catches-up with demand.

    Any of those facts you wish to dispute?

    #dorighttriton and make the price reduction to your distributors and customers universal.