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    Eagle Reef Upgrade, Jan 18, 2019
  1. James Hammett

    Hey guys our Eagle Reef is coming along nicely as we reach the 6 month point of this upgrade. Wee are learning and finding things we can do better and areas we can improve equipment. I am posting a list of our goals and things we need to meet the goals, if i miss something or you ave a though please share. If you have any of the items on our wish list and want to help please message me or if you have them and are willing to sell for a price we can afford please contact me. Thanks for following our tank and for any help you can give. #Eaglereef

    Goals for the upcoming year:
    We would like to work further toward methods of stabilizing parameters. We would like to set up a reactor for GFO, a dosing pump and expand our Apex to monitor PH and have a few more spots on our Power bar.
    Things we need to accomplish these goals:
    We need a reactor for Carbon and GFO to reduce Phosphate .
    We need GFO media
    We have a canister and pharma pouches of chemicals, but need a Dosing pump to dose Calc. MAg, Alk.
    We need a module for PH and Probe to expand Apex
    we need a power bar we can add on to our Apex Jr.