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    Male or Female - Aquarist not the Fish!, Oct 4, 2017
  1. Amoo

    LOL NO WORRIES AT ALL. Like I said had I known your gender and age I NEVER would have even thought about acting. I think somewhere around 32ish I realized it wasn't exactly "proper" to hang out with people in their early 20s anymore, getting old, #feelsbadman
  2. Amoo's Pasture 60 Gallon Shallow Reef, Oct 3, 2017
  3. Amoo

    That moment when you're feeling bad about your tank because you've got the uglyies and you go to feed the tank and your whole existance in the hobby doesn't show up for food...

    She was behind the rock the anemone sits on possibly prepping a spot......stupid clown


    Also @jsker welcome to the pasture man, sorry I'm not more energetic today, should be feeling great as my 32g is officially cycling, but the uglyies have got me down and the near loss of my crowned jewel sent me into a state of shock :(