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    NYC's 30 Gallon Waterbox., Feb 26, 2018
  1. Heyy_KB

    Haven't update the reef blog in a while. Here are the quick updates.

    • Added copepods/phytoplankton from Algaebarn. AMAZING product for adding biodiversity to the tank and for cleaning through the rest of my algae problems. Notice how clean the rockscape is.
    • Trochus Snails started spawning. One releasing eggs and the other sperm into the tank. Doubt any will make it but it was cool to watch (peep the photo).
    • Mangroves stalks added. I have always been curious about mangroves for nutrient export, diversity, and just to see if I could grow a tree.
    • Added corals. Decided to go with a softie dominated tank. Having a busier schedule with limited room steered me away from an SPS dominated tank. Softies are easier manage, hardier, and give pleasant movement in the tank for visitors to appreciate. I do have a frag of goniopora and may add other LPS in the future. Well shall see.
    • #RBTA #ftw
    • Start of a Zoa garden.
    • Fish to come next month.
  2. Unique Reef Aquarium Decor - Let's see it, Jun 18, 2017
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