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    You tired of not being hired?! Here is your CHANCE! COLORADO REEFERS!, Oct 5, 2017
  1. Christopher Davis

    My boss Chad Bailey and myself are looking to hire another crew member for team #GBR Great Barrier Reef!
    We do professional installations, custom aquariums, maintenance and emergency visits.

    We are looking for a skilled professional who knows how to deal with freshwater, saltwater,planted, deco and reef tanks.
    We are small mom and pop shop that goes around the entire state of Colorado up and down the front Range helping people achieve their dreams. We primarily focus on doctors offices and businesses. But we do home installs and maintenance as well!
    You absolutely have to be personable 100% this is one heck of an opportunity and we would love to hear from you! If you love fish in general this is the perfect job we are solely maintenance. But we are transitioning into a coral farm! Yes you heard me Coral farm!

    Call or text chad Bailey at 303-210-8867

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