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    Zoas & Palys fell onto sand bed - Melting, Apr 12, 2018
  1. MsTracy

    @reefpeeper, No they aren’t my first, but because of the sale I thought I’d try them again. The other 2 I’ve purchased was last year & they also melted after they fell. I really want to have zoas & palys they are so colorful - just no luck with them at all.

    I think the drop in mag happened the day all these arrived (previously about 1380 consistently) I couldn’t get off work, but ran home to get them unpacked & after they floated in the tank for a bit . I set up a bucket on slow drip. Apparently it wasn’t as slow as I thought. My mom kept refilling the auto top off bucket with RODI water. By the time I got home it probably ran thru 6 -8 gallons of plain water(75gal tank)
    Needless to say, I had to mix some salt and try to slowly bring it back up. It had dropped to like 1.021 salinity (1.025 normal) It took a couple of days.

    So I’m beginning to get the feeling that my zoa issue is not from falling on the sand bed, but more of the swing of the parameters???

    I also got a couple of mushrooms, a Aussie Trachy, 2 different green star polyps & alveopora that are all looking good. #Greatsale on R2R...

    All my pre-existing stock doesn’t seem to be affected, that’s why I thought it was due to the dive to the sand. I guess I thought zoas were a little more forgiving, maybe they are when more established.

    I do a monthly water change of about 20-25% also currently running GFO in the reactor, protein skimmer w/co2 & cheato in the sump.

    I’m always learning & open to feedback
    Thanks again!
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