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    Please Critique My Current Plans! :), Dec 2, 2018
  1. Dave Mrnak

    Thats really it for now. Oh yea I got a new family member. The non fish kind.

    Still to do
    Fill the refugium.
    Put glass on cabinet.
    Currently in the process of making my quarantine tanks (2), I will be using @HotRocks recently published post on quarntine procedures
    Frag tank
    Stocking list.( this is where I look for guidance) hoping to have this out soon so you guys can give me your insight for order of introducing fish.

    It has been a pleasure to document my progress. Although the thread lost interest I hope it can regain.

    I will continue to use this thread for all my updates to come. So feel free to subscribe and watch my journey into the reefing community
  2. Isaac's Cadlight 70 Gallon Artisan II Build, Jun 27, 2018
  3. isaacalves

    HOMEMADE MASSTICK HOW TO!! It works great. I made this in an accident but I love it. There are four short vids here.

    Let me know if you guys do this? Great way to use up food that hasn't been used.

    Just remember, seal your food bags. Look at the expiration. Always add vitamin supplements. You can also bind meds using Focus and Metroplex.
    #happyreefing [emoji4]
  4. Staying on top of WC, Apr 11, 2014
  5. ryecoon

    I finally established a smooth routine of doing Water changes. All I can say is Organization is Key. Keeping things neat and having this easily accessible. #HappyReefing yall