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    The DOs and DON’Ts of Quarantine, Mar 11, 2018
  1. becks

    Ok, all fish are out for a second time :/ I think I know ich or velvet got past my qt procedure. I treated a fish with cupramine for 30 days and then used carbon to remove the copper, I left him in their for a few weeks after. I think a cyst must have released torments after the copper was removed.

    And went undected for a few weeks, until I saw my clownfish today with multiple spots and my wrasse flashing & royal gramma flashing excessively.

    My royal gramma looks the worse, I had no choice but put them straight into full strength cupramine. As one qt was empty with no water and the other had a diamond goby that was due to go into the DT. All the fish seem fine in the cupramine though, almost like nothing had happened.

    How quickly will the copper treat the royal gramma as he definitely looked like he was coming down quickly. I caught it fast as everyone was fine yesterday and showed no signs.

    I created quite a sand storm moving rocks and sand to catch them, I hope my corals etc will be fine. If I get an ammonia spike how quickly will it show up on a test kit?

    The rock is about two years mature and the sandbed is about months.

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  4. andyg1960

    Thank you #humblefish for all the info. I will do my best to get the remaing fish out asap. During the fallow period, do I need to ghost feed tank so I don't lose the bacteria/ start a cycle? There is a fair amount of coral in there as well as snails.
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  6. MSB123

    Could the pods be tanking up some of the nutrients/food? Just wondering. Lets call in the experts!
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  8. ebushrow

    hard to tell from the photos...might be a freshwater bath and see if they fall off....if not, I am thinking Lymphocytosis (spelling?), but not in the "typical" place to find it.

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  10. ebushrow


    Looks bad....calling the experts
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  12. lion king

    You want to qt like any other new addition. Likely run a course of treatment specific to parasites. Check in the fish and disease forum or even post there for more expert advice.

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  14. ecam


    I know this is a major no no. But I dosed this into my tank this morning Because I planned on doing CP next week. However, the angel doesnt look good and I need accelerate treatment. So do i do a complete water change? or since its been over 12 hours can I just proceed with CP as normal. Its a 20 gallon long.

    Whats the proper dose for 20 gallon?

    Fish in QT are

    Regal Angel
    Scribbled ANgel
    Blonde NAso
    Powder Blue Tang
  15. Is this WS? After fallow & cupramine, Aug 6, 2017
  16. becks

    I was watching my peacock wrasse in my DT today and noticed a large white speck on the top of her tail, and I'm dreading that it maybe WS!

    My tank was fallow for 72days and she was treated with cupramine in excess of 30 days.

    She's not swimming into the powerhead, flashing or twitching, breathing normal and just cruising round the rock work eating pods etc

    She's the only fish in my DT, no cross contaimination could occur nor could aerosol transmission occur as my QT tank is located in the workshop


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  18. XNavyDiver