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    When to just give up on the hobby #LARS, Aug 10, 2017
  1. eefan

    I remember at MACNA a few years back Joe Yaiullo talking about 'Old *** Reefers Syndrome' and thinking, "how could anyone let their tank get that bad?" Well, I can confirm that LARS is a real thing and I'm certainly a prime example. I honestly can't remember the last time I did a water change. I'm pretty sure my protein skimmer and power filter haven't worked in months. All I have in my tank, after losing most of my livestock during a power outage last winter, is a giant Euphillyia, some Zoas, and a hand full of snails and hermit crabs. Is it time for me to just call it quits and get out of the hobby? Has anyone else dealt with #LARS? What have you done to get out of this funk and dive back into your reefing?[​IMG][​IMG]
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