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    Need help programming my automatic water change, Oct 4, 2018
  1. FLSharkvictim

    It's very confusing to get everything set up in myghl, thats for sure! Owning an Apex to a ProfiLux I struggle too mate but they have great tech support on there forums.. Getting closer to setting up my #p4 and new #MaxiSA doser for my AWC system thats connected to my saltwater mixing station.

  2. Tropic Eden sand sizes and how much to get, Aug 5, 2018
  3. FLSharkvictim

    @Ecvernon - My @GHL ProfiLux4 controller and my #MaxiSA doser for my AWC's is connected to my saltwater mixing station!

  4. If you own a saltwater mixing station, please share your pictures & ideas?, Aug 3, 2018
  5. FLSharkvictim

    @Headhunter - The #MaxiSa doser is set on a Automatic timer internally, I never have to touch anything except when I have make my salt water.
    1st i transfer the fresh RODI water over to the salt water container either by gravity or using the Mixing pump.
    Ones the fresh RODI is in the salt container I dump in my D-D salt and let my VarioS pump mix my water for about an hour or so!
    Then I have it hooked up to a timer and it comes on 4 times a day for 15 minutes at a time to mix things up while my MaxiSA doer is doing water changes. I only take out 4000ml a day!

  6. If you own a saltwater mixing station, please share your pictures & ideas?, Aug 3, 2018
  7. FLSharkvictim

    @Headhunter, thanks! What I do is use my GHL #MaxiSA doser to do my water changes for me - (HANDS FREE) I have my MaxiSA doser do all of my transferring of the NSW and the OSW. It's all connected to the Salt barrel and I have it all running off my ProfiLucx4 controller. I actually got my new 6 BRS RODI system w/ a 2nd membrane upgrade along with the Booster pump! As we all know, most RO membranes produce waste-water in a 3:1 ratio to filtered water. This ratio only worsens over time as your sediment and carbon filters begin to clog and the pressure of the water reaching the membrane begins to drop. What''s awesome about adding a 2nd membrane, is you produce double the amount of product water and produce a lot less waste water. In my opinion it's a no brainier upgrade if you run any RODI system. Also you must have sufficient tap water pressure is the major caveat of this approach. Most vendors recommend that the first RO membrane should be receiving at least 65 PSI for a dual membrane setup to work properly. I just need to do a little wire management and this mixing station project will be finally completed.

    FLShark 120 build:
  8. Reef Tank 365! Enter your tank here!, Jul 29, 2018
  9. FLSharkvictim

    Running since 2002
    AllGlass aquarium 120 specs 48''x24''x24'' Mixed Reef
    Lighting - 2 Hydra HD 26'S LEDS
    Skimmer - Reef Octo REGAL 150 INTL
    Controller - ProfiLux4 Controller & GHL #MaxiSA Doser (AWC's)
    BRS DUAL Reactor
    Avast Marine Kalk Reactor
    Main Pump - EcoTech Marine Vectra M1
    Recirculation - (2) Turbelle Nanostream 6055's & (2) Turbelle Nanostream 6020
    TUNZE ATO 3155
    Eshoops IV Master incl Slave
    Santa Monica HOG1.3X scrubber

    Tank Shot:

    FLSharks 120 Build:
  10. GHL Profilux 4 or 2016 - Neptune Apex ?, Jul 26, 2018
  11. FLSharkvictim

    @mrramsey - I ended up going with the Ultimate kit - the ProfiLux4 incl Touch screen plus, a ton of extras. i got a deal that I could not pass up especially since it was brand new. Plus, i just got my GHL #MaxiSA doser a few months ago from Jason over @premiumaquatics for my AWC's thats connected to my saltwater mixing station! I haven't hooked up the P4 or did any type of calibrations yet to the probes b/c i am still waiting on my new sump from Synergy to match up with my 20'' Synergy External Overflow box. There us no doubt that GHL Controllers and the software are a little more complicated then your Apex but I know one thing for being a company located in Germany they have a pretty solid tech support in the USA plus, they have a killer forum and (TONS of YouTube videos on how to hook things up and get going. There is no doubt that the Apex 2016 model is easier or more basic to run vs the ProfiLux. The good news, is you don't need a 5 modules to run things and like you need with the Apex vs the new ProfiLux it literally looks like the back of my cable box under your TV. Plug in and play! @Brew12 - I don't thing think that Apex Fusion is anyt better than My GHL Controller center - They both do the same thing turn things on and off, it's just with MyGHL everything is already pre coded so you don't have to write those silly codes that took a little over a few months for me to learn the language sort of speak along with many calls to Neptune. I switched over when I sent in my Energy bars to Apex since both were damaged from the Hurricane and the outlets were not working so i had to sent in both power bars and when i got them back they were all screwed up and the little LEDS lights that are on the power bars were no longer working but it did before it got shipped to Apex for the repair. I mean i bought these brand new from BRS it's not like they were used. One of there reps told me it's ok, you really don't need those lights! Well when I drop close to a K for your gear I expect everything to work perfectly and if not fix it the proper way. So thats was basically that broke the straw to the camels back with for me with Neptune. I was sick and tired of dealing with them so I jumped ship over to GHL gear and i am so glad did.. Whats awesome about the GHL Control center it's automatically calculates its for you everything for you all you do is just plug in your numbers.. Ones you are able to navigate through myGHL & myGHL Control Center, you're good to go! So since i have own the Apex and the ProfiLux4, in my opinion - the GHL Controller is the clear winner here ones you understand the software! They only CON I give GHL is that there software is geared for a PC's and not so compatible with a MAC's.... I heard you can still run one off a mac but you must have a program for windows. Hopefully one day they will have it for the I/O platform in a few yrs. Thats was the only draw back, I HAD to go out and drop a few more hundred on a new laptop PC. Here are a few pictures. FYI, what controller did you end up going with?

    GHL P4 & #MaxiSA doser for AWC's.

    GHL Touch screen

    Back of my ProfiLux 4

    Back of my #MaxiSA Doser

    SCA Rimless - 150

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