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    HOW TO CHANGE AGE, Apr 6, 2018
  1. crabs_mcjones

    I believe a #mod or #admin has to go in and change it for you.
  2. Bought some here and it doesnt work!, Apr 1, 2018
  3. Ahbaloch

    Please close this thread, #MOD
  4. The Modified Black Box Thread, Mar 31, 2018
  5. reeferfoxx

    Maybe we could get a #mod to move this thread to the lighting forum and maybe @Dana Riddle can give some insight on this coral response?
  6. Cross Posting, Mar 22, 2018
  7. Brew12

    It isn't a problem! But, we might be able to make it even easier.

    Can a #mod move the following thread to the General Reef section please?

    I honestly have no idea how hard it is to move a thread, but hey, we can ask, right?
  8. Cycling an Aquarium, Mar 14, 2018
  9. Brew12

    I just used the app to look and I see the same thing there that you do. I have no idea what to do about that. :confused:

    Here is a screen shot of my original post as seen on a browser.

    Maybe a #mod can help?
  10. Quarantine of new Ornate Leopard Wrasse, Feb 11, 2018
  11. NowGlazeIT

    Remember the books where is Waldo....
    Here’s my little mandarin from biota.
    My camera focuses on the bigger aglea over the little mandarin every time haha
    #mod please delete this duplicate post
  12. Any Chance I can get a new name?, Jan 14, 2018
  13. Reef Box

    I need something cooler than my full name. Any Chance a #Mod can change me to "Reef Box" or "Box of Water"?
  14., Jan 13, 2018
  15. BigHildy53

    #MOD please delete