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    Could this be red bugs?, Nov 11, 2018 at 8:23 AM
  1. Lovemyreef2015

    Flatworms can be hard to see. I'm sure some stick experts will respond. Let's see if this can get moved to SPS for more eyes to see
  2. Would like to add a new (old) michigan based reef club to R2R, Nov 9, 2018 at 7:56 PM
  3. hdsoftail1065

    I'm not sure how to help but I'm sure #mods can give you an idea where to start. I'm going to watch and learn. :)
  4. Lack of thread respone from mods, Nov 7, 2018 at 12:22 PM
  5. mdbannister

    Hi @MrsBugmaster, I want to say that I am sorry for your disappointment. I've read through this thread and seen the responses by our community already, and I think you're already aware at this point that mods are volunteers on the site, so please don't think of the mods as a paid support team. Also, I think the point has already been made that although we would love to be able to comment in every thread, there are simply far too many threads for us to see every one of them.

    One person already mentioned the use of the hashtag #mods to call the moderating staff's attention to a thread (sorry, guys... I know I just sent you all another alert. :D). Another good hashtag to use when wanting some extra eyes on a particular issue is #reefsquad (and now I've alerted all of them to this thread too :rolleyes:). Both of these hashtags are useful if you're not getting the questions answered that you had.

    That said, I did look at your thread just now, and I agree with @reefwiser's statement. It's a pretty specific and unusual setup. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ask (please NEVER shy away from asking a question here), but it may limit the ability of people to answer that question online. It did look like you already had some really good responses in the thread. Those responses were actually far more helpful than I could've been. :oops: So, I do want to point out that when you had a question, our community truly did try and answer that question as much as each member who saw the thread was able.

    At R2R, our goal is to be as helpful as possible for every member. We truly value each member in our community, and there's no question we won't do our best to answer...doesn't mean we always can, but we do definitely try. I've seen threads where people from the community go out of their way to try and explain or ask clarifying questions and work back and forth with the OP for weeks trying to figure out an issue. We truly have a GREAT community of people with a heart for helping one another. Nowhere have I found a group of people that are better at demonstrating the Golden Rule than here.

    I'm sorry that you were disappointed by the responses you received, but I do want to say that our staff here really does work VERY hard and goes out of their way to help people if at all possible. I'm again very sorry that you feel we didn't give your thread the attention it deserved. It's always disappointing to me for any member to feel they weren't adequately helped, but in this case, I truly do not believe there was any mishandling or ignoring by the staff. In the future, if there's a question you want us to give attention to, please be sure to use one or both of the hashtags mentioned above.

    You are a valued member of our community, and I hope you will continue to enjoy your membership here at R2R. As I said, if you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to help.
  6. Lack of thread respone from mods, Nov 7, 2018 at 9:13 AM
  7. eatbreakfast

    That's not what the mod's job is.

    We do the best we can in helping answer questions where we have knowledge, or tagging someone whe does. But if we see something is being answered we let it be.

    Also, it is impossible for us to be aware of every single thread, so we rely on members to report threads if forum rules are being broken, and to tag us( #mods ) if there are questions that we can specifically help with.

    We try to help ALL members equally, whether they are partner and supporting members or not.

    Another way to get help is to tag the reef squad, #reefsquad . This is a group of helpful members with an array of expertise.
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