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    ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 12, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    *** New Update ***
    Some goodies showed up from @Bulk Reef Supply .. Many thanks for shipping out my order as fast as possible.

    APEXEL incl a Ph lab probe, Salinity Probe,

    Ok, I have jumped ship back over to #Neptune #ApexEL aquarium controllers and was lucky enough to be able to find one lucky buyer for all my ProfiLux 4 Ulitmate set which included a ton of extras! Also, I got the #Neptune #LMK #MODULE w/ two low profile leak detectors.

    For my next update, I will be getting into how I am going to install & mount my Aquarium controller and all of my power supplies. Plus, I have 4 EcoTech Marine controllers and one Reef Octo Controller for my Protein Skimmer. I am planning on having a company out of CAL called #Build #Obsessions, which is one of the top sump MFG's in the industry that I am working on to build me a custom Acrylic Panel to install all my power supplies and my Controllers to. I am aiming to have BOA build something like this but a little bigger to fit in what every cabinet I decided on going with to put all of my equipment in.

    Acrylic Panel

    Or have BOA custom build me something like this!