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    Best Dosing Pump?, Feb 3, 2019
  1. FLSharkvictim

    @Toomnymods - Great question, GHL #MaxiSA dosing pumps are built solid there is no doubt about it but I am switching things up a bit in my build. Since I am a Bigtime Mac guy, I have decided to switch back over to all #Neptune gear so everything matches as far as my main controller and dosing pumps.
    I haven't even taken my new MaxiSA out of the box. It's on eBay - FYI. When I use to run my old #Neptune #DOS's for my AWC's, I would take out around 1 gallon a day for my mixed ref 120!

    Per GHL MaxiSA Specs you should be ok, these Stepper Motors are bigger then you think plus, its totally WIFI or you can use USB cor to your PC.
    Perfect for AWC and Continuous-use rated for max 350ml/min
    Tired of lugging those buckets around? Take the work out of manual water changes and let the GHL Doser Maxi do it for you. Conveniently schedule automatic water changes or trigger them as-needed.
    Need to continuously do larger water changes? No problem. Our brushless stepper motors are built and ready to withstand larger volume water changes.
    As with other peristaltic pumps which require a cool-down period, the Doser Maxi’s stepper motors can be run continuously for longer periods without needing a cooling period.
    For example, you can transport water for a water change at one time without needing a cooling period. Pumps are suitable for moving approximately 16,000 Liters (4,226 gal) of water.

    For more info on the Dosing pump:
    Ya got to admit this dosing pump for massive water changes does look nice and sexy!!
  2. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Jan 12, 2019
  3. FLSharkvictim

    *** New Update ***
    Some goodies showed up from @Bulk Reef Supply .. Many thanks for shipping out my order as fast as possible.

    APEXEL incl a Ph lab probe, Salinity Probe,

    Ok, I have jumped ship back over to #Neptune #ApexEL aquarium controllers and was lucky enough to be able to find one lucky buyer for all my ProfiLux 4 Ulitmate set which included a ton of extras! Also, I got the #Neptune #LMK #MODULE w/ two low profile leak detectors.

    For my next update, I will be getting into how I am going to install & mount my Aquarium controller and all of my power supplies. Plus, I have 4 EcoTech Marine controllers and one Reef Octo Controller for my Protein Skimmer. I am planning on having a company out of CAL called #Build #Obsessions, which is one of the top sump MFG's in the industry that I am working on to build me a custom Acrylic Panel to install all my power supplies and my Controllers to. I am aiming to have BOA build something like this but a little bigger to fit in what every cabinet I decided on going with to put all of my equipment in.

    Acrylic Panel

    Or have BOA custom build me something like this!

  4. dkh control for Apex, Aug 18, 2017