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    Tristian's Reef : 325 Gallon Build Prbly Flooding the Floor Again..., Jan 12, 2019
  1. Asonitez

    Tristian's Reef: (2019) - 350g Reef Update - Coral Eye Candy!

    Hey everyone I was overdue a reef update. Originally I was going to do one before New Years but life got in the way.

    This year I will be trying to get 1 new video out a week and I will also be doing more ReefTech videos since those were really popular last year.

    Thank You EVERYONE for all the support this past year. Its been an amazing Journey as a youtube creator and fellow reefer. I look forward to creating new original content this year.

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  2. Fadi's Reef 180 Gallons sps dominated Tank, Mar 1, 2017
  3. fabutahoun

    Time To review My LED Lights

    After 1 Month of Installing the new Radion XR30 G4 Pro in The middle of the tank , I have done a basic testing and comparison between The G4 the my Old G3

    As I have mentioned before I have 2 G3 and 1 G4, all 3 units are connected to Classic Apex Control Via WMX module, all lights are set at max 75% total intensity with the following Apex Graph

    This Graph is based on the Ecotech Coral Lab SPS AB program.

    #ecotechmarine #neptunesystems @RandoReefer @Terence