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    Angry Upgrade 120 to 230 Peninsula!, Sep 18, 2018
  1. AngryOwl

    Pics added.

    As I mentioned in a previous post one can say I have started paying much more attention to the tank, keeping notes of all changes and testing parameters consistently. Simply summed up as pulling my head out of my .

    Throughout this past month and half my corals have been looking great. Growth is taking off on my purple stylo, to the point I can notice it daily without pictures. The tester corals on my frag rack were also doing pretty good. But this Sunday/Monday I noticed one of the acros taking a turn for the worse... and a turn that has been a consistent frustrating pattern. I noticed it started to STN... while the other acro started to go from blue to brown.

    The purple stylo looks amazing... tester birds nest is super fluffy. Weird green coral (acro??) looks fine, ugly but fine... and the other stylo looks good as well. With that said I can confirm my ALK has been stable holding at 7.4 +-1. Last water change was a few weeks ago and was only 5g. Parameters below (tested Sunday):
    Alk: 7.3 hanna
    Calc: 400 red sea
    Mg: 1500 red sea
    PO4: 3ppb == .009ppm hanna ulr phosphorus
    NO3: .25ppm red sea

    Since August 3rd I've been exclusively feeding frozen food once per day at night. I've since increased the amount I feed to about 3-4 cubes. Before each feeding I dose 2ml of Reef Energy part A or B. I dose on alternate days (i.e. part B today, part A tomorrow)... and I feed a little amount of reef roids everyday. I take a butter knife and get a small amount on the tip.

    I'm cleaning the glass about every 2 days... the point being that nutrients are present.

    Today I test par with my seneye.
    Top of water: 375
    Purple Stylo: 160-180 (for reference this is about middle of the tank)
    Frag Rack: 120-150

    Par numbers are for those who will say "your nutrients are too low so you're burning them with light"...

    I suppose lastly I would like to add I'm running an rain2 algae scrubber that doesn't grow super great. I run it 6 or 8 hours (I forgot) and I only run 2 of the 4 lights. At this point the overflow weirs are growing more and better algae than the scrubber....

    I'm running a 6 bulb ATI fixture, 4 Blue+, 1 true actinic, 1 aquablue special. 2 bulbs start at 6:30am, all 6 run from 11:30am to 6:30pm and lights out at 10pm.

    This is pretty frustrating to watch happen over and over. I'm welcome any feedback or theories about what could be a legitimate root cause... but I'm not looking to turn this thread into an argument on low vs high nutrients... LED vs T5's... High Par vs Low Par... etc.

    tl/dr: Tank is running consistent, all corals doing amazing (including other SPS), coraline growing awesome, but acros eventually STN.

    Acros: Aug 10th left, Sep.7 right on all pics not labeled. Also I'm pretty sure these are 2 bulbs vs 6 bulb shots, #noob

    Other frags and growth shots:
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  3. mdbannister

    You've clearly never seen Finding Nemo or Finding Dory...they scream all the time. :rolleyes: #noob ;)