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    60 Gallon (240L) Sumpless Tank, Sep 25, 2018
  1. Jobsafish

    Ok, it’s clear I don’t have a career as a blogger ahead of me, I’ve been terrible at updates.

    Here is the tank with it’s back pane painted black.

    The nice clean Skimmer and Filter.

    RO System temporarily connected in the kitchen.

    The sloooooowest tank fill eveeeer!

    A full tank with rock and sand (excuse the tide mark on the glass I had yet to dig out my magnetic cleaner)

    The rock that my 2 year old son says ‘looks like King Pappy’ from the Trolls movie #Notrollleftbehind!

    And finally, our first fishy friend.

    We are also caring for two Red-legged hermits and one Trochus Snail.

    Every one is happy, eating and active and my water parameters are as expected. Alkalinity and PH are down a bit compared to last Monday’s test, but it’s water change time tonight, so that should fix that.