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    ULM-ish 75G mixed reef planning with questions, Apr 17, 2019 at 8:42 AM
  1. hockeyhead019

    Alright so here goes...

    Currently I have a 20g long tank that's pretty low maintenance and has been doing well with a mix of softies and LPS. It's very very very minimally stocked with currently just a goby and pistol shrimp combo. No sump, just basic LR filtration with a chaeto ball in the "sump" (5 gal bucket under the tank lol)

    My wife and I just bought a house and I would like to upgrade to a larger tank for some more interesting live stock options as well as some additional stability due to a larger water volume.

    The ULM-ish approach is based off how much I travel for work and the last thing I want is to shoulder her with tank care other than "top off the ATO resevoiur". So I wanted to lay out my plans and use the forum as a sounding board prior to executing the plans. So the build will be all about redundancy where possible and automation where possible. Hopefully going to keep it lower tech with minimal reactors and no skimmer to aid with that.

    Stocking Plan:
    Softies (zoas, riccordea mainly)
    LPS (frogspawn, torch, acro, micromussa, duncans)
    Maybe some SPS, I like the look of the stylos but if they become too demanding then no worries
    Possibly a BTA
    Clown Pair
    Leopard Wrasse
    Watchman goby & Pistol shrimp
    Possibly a tang
    Possibly an angle of some type

    Equipment List:

    Tank: 75g Standard tank (4'x2'x18")
    - The driving factor for this is that I believe it's a big enough size without needing to break the bank for equipment to correctly build the tank. It also has a good footprint that fits our new home in the basement and will allow me to create a pennisula scape.

    Sump: 40g breeder with custom baffles mostly for hiding equipment and running the cheato ball. My goal is to stay skimmerless as I've had success in my 20g and my 55g a few years ago.

    Return: Syncra Silent 2.0 x2, they're sized for redundancey and should give me about 7x the flow with the plumbing plans

    Overflow: Synergy Shadow Overflow (I realize the flow rate is overkill but I liked the option for the emergency drain configuration in case any clogs happened in the main drain)

    Flow in tank: Gyre XF230 *** Curious to know if people think this will be enough flow***

    Controller: I'm planning on building a #reef-pi to control the following
    - 8 outlet powerstrip
    - dosing pumps (for future utilization)
    - ATO
    - water leak alerts
    - possibly lighting control depending on the next point
    - pH when it's available in the 3.0 build
    - temp control via probe

    The controller decision is heavily cost driven. I realize that I could buy a neptune but that's a lot of stocking cash spent on equipment. I'm curious if anybody will make a good argument to spend the money.

    Last but not least... Lighting:
    I'm struggling a bit after doing reading about some of the black boxes and some of the cheaper fixutres like CurrentUSA's offering.

    I currently use a Nanobox duo light that's been great to me so I'm definitely ok sticking with the LEDs.


    I think I'm mostly looking for confirmation on the flow plan and any suggestions for budget lighting. I know going with something like two Kessils would be ideal but I'm struggling to want to shell out that kind of dough when people seem to be having good results with more budget friendly options. Especially given the fact that I don't want a heavily stocked SPS tank.

    Feel free to poke holes in the plan! Better now than issues after I start the build lol

    I'll try and keep this OP updated with comments or anything that I left out but I think that's most of the major items.
  2. Red Sea Reefer 170 Reef-pi build, Mar 2, 2019
  3. 16Reefer170

    My Reef-pi build....
    Thank you to Ranjib: @Ranjib's and the open source controller project #Reef-pi, there is no way I could have attempted this without the detailed instructions, guides, and software provided by this project.

    My reef-pi went ‘live” in July of 2018


    My Reef-pi controls 2 Jebao pp4 wave pumps and a Jebao dc1200 skimmer Pump in a simplicity skimmer via the 0-5 v pwm control signal of the reef-pi

    The Jebao DCP 5000 Return Pump is turned on and off via a relay for the the 24v supply to the pumps controller.

    The ATO Pump (Neptune PMUP) is also controlled by a relay directly controlling the 24dc to the pump.

    The reef-pi monitors the water temp in the sump, and water level in the return chamber of the sump.

    In the near future I would like to add a PH probe, 2nd temperature probe for tank temp, and AC power control for heater safety shutdown, refugium lights (currently on a timer) and possibly a new sump cabinet exhaust fan.

    My build hardware is:

    Pi Zero W, with 8gig sd card (headless, no desktop)

    Perma Proto mini bonnet

    DS 18B20 temp sensor

    16 channel PWM hat

    5 amp DC to DC converter

    BUD 1325-C box

    DFRobot liquid level sensor

    2 Chanel 5v relay module

    And a large 24 volt power supply.

    Note that I started with a pi 3B, but fried it, so I am using the PWM Hat on its own standoffs.

    The tank is a 3 year old Red Sea Reefer 170, with a cobalt Neo-Therm 150 heater and Jebao dosing Pump for kalkwasser/vinegar mixture.
  4. Mentoring new reef keepers?, Feb 27, 2019
  5. vdubreefer

    I honestly think that would be soo cool, I have been having a problem and posted about and somebody in the comments did a #reef squad and someone came a started talking to me, and I'd like to think steered my back on track, I really really like this idea because as a new reefer, you've got soooooo much information to sift through that sometimes it can be difficult to find your own success even if your following a red sea reef care recipe, or something there always to be something that your trying to figure out, or don't quite understand, great idea !!!
  6. ** FLSharkvictim / Custom Rimless SCA 150 Build ***, Feb 7, 2019
  7. FLSharkvictim

    New Update on my #Synergy sump and matching ATO Container.

    As we all know I have been slowing working on this masterpiece for the last 2 years and it's finally coming to the finish line as far as getting it up and running!
    #Synergy has shipped out my CL-44 Sump and my 10 Gallon #Synergy Matching ATO #Reservoir Looks like the eagle is in the air and it will be landing this Tuesday per FEDEX.

    Many thanks, @mixer911 for the Superior customer service over @ #Synergy #Reef #Systems!!! I can't not freaking wait to see this sump and MY MATCHING ATO CONTAINER.....Urrrrrr......

  8. SCA 50 cube build, Feb 1, 2019
  9. Mr pink

    Got my #apex programmed and mounted today. Second slide is my water change station. 90 gallons of water ready to go. 30 RO, 30 salt, and 30 ATO. not as neat as I want it, but it’s functional. Cycle is going well. Ammonia is just about zero, now just waiting on nitrites to fall. #reef #sca50cube #spstank

  10. Tristian's Reef : 325 Gallon Build Prbly Flooding the Floor Again..., Jan 12, 2019
  11. Asonitez

    Tristian's Reef: (2019) - 350g Reef Update - Coral Eye Candy!

    Hey everyone I was overdue a reef update. Originally I was going to do one before New Years but life got in the way.

    This year I will be trying to get 1 new video out a week and I will also be doing more ReefTech videos since those were really popular last year.

    Thank You EVERYONE for all the support this past year. Its been an amazing Journey as a youtube creator and fellow reefer. I look forward to creating new original content this year.

    #nemosreef #upscaleaquatics #crystalreefaquatics #reef #fishtank #reef2reef #tristiansreef #saltwater #reeftank #saltwateraquarium #saltwatertank
    #allmymoneygoestofish #allmymoneygoestocoral #fishtanksofinstagram #poseidonreef
    #ecotech #neptunesystems #bulkreefsupply

  12. 29 gallon reef tank build., Dec 31, 2018
  13. Reefer805

    Happy New Year!! Here’s to another year of reefing, fishing and hard work! Let’s ring in the new year with good tidings and great fortune!! #happynewyear #reeftank #polyplabs #marinedepot #allmymoneygoestocoral #coraltank #aquarium #reef #momtipora #acropora #fragtank #darkhorsereef

  14. Buddy's Reef-Pi Build, Dec 3, 2018
  15. buddy.

    Hey everyone! Here is another #reef-pi build for anyone interested in following :D
    My build will consist of @Ranjib reef-pi (of course) and I will also be using the HAT and PWM module from @wykat .

    I only have a laptop so I couldn't do the standard raspberry pi set up with a mouse and keyboard, so I found a guide to set up the SD card with SSH and wifi enabled.
    I downloaded Raspbian and flashed it on to the SD card with Etcher.

    Once it is flashed you need to create an empty text file on the card called "SSH".

    IF you want to use wifi you also need to create a text file called wpa_supplicant.conf with the following lines
    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

    Put the card in to the pi and power it on. Now you need to find the IP address of the pi. I used a program called nmap.
    To do this, open the command prompt and enter nmap -sn YOUR IP ADDRESS/24
    It will take a few seconds and then list everything on your network.

    Next is to SSH in to the pi by entering ssh pi@PI IP ADDRESS
    The default login is pi and password is raspberry

    From this point you can configure and install everything from the reef-pi guides.
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  17. ScottBrew's 90 tank progression, Nov 27, 2018
  18. Diamond1

    Nice write up and the tank is looking good.
    About time you stopped messin around with that #reef-pi and picked up a mop!