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    450 Reefer Aquascape, Dec 16, 2018
  1. becon776

    i agree. i put up in brs and man that was no help at all. 50/50 split between people liking the islands and the single stack. unfortunately rock was not conducive to what i wanted at all. i got 90# of rock and only loke ten pieces! depsite ke tryung to concrete bust a few if them scared its turnung to rubble. My last tank was set up for 18 years. so its been awhile and i had each and every piece memorized. yeah 4 month cycle before sps can be added. but figuring 2 week for fish (rock has been in brute for iver a minth w nh4cl added. i have a full tank of fish right now in a temp home and they are miserable. i think im sticking qith the single stack bc its what i know from 22 yrs of reefing. i tried. i just fear change lolol.

    p.s. OP sorry to jack your thread. i LOVE your scape. FILL IT!
    pic where i ended up.... to many hrs. still a little fiddling to do on top but my hands are raw. is a touch offset. #reefer450[​IMG]