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    LRS frozen food good or not??, Feb 15, 2018
  1. ReefFrenzy

    Thanks everyone for all the kind comments!

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble finding LRS up in Canada. We still have retailers in Canada and ship to our distributor a few times each month.

    For everyone else here is our searchable dealer map where you can enter your zip.

    If you have not seen the behind the scenes tour of LRS I would highly recommend checking out the video on our media gallery page. Did you know that LRS foods have been produced by my wife for the past three years? Yep, she and her team do all the food processing.

    The video can be found here:

    Thank you to the OP for starting the thread and @Paul B for letting me know. One final plug to let the OP know about the quality of our foods can be found on our Testimonial page. LRS has made significant inroads into aquaculture programs and public aquariums because of our nutritional profile. You can see almost a dozen success stories here.

    Thanks again everyone and if you are on social media check out the "Larrys Reef Services" FB page and our IG at #reeffrenzy
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