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    SPS are fired, LPS get promoted!, Nov 13, 2017
  1. john.m.cole3

    I was getting frustrated at the hobby a few weeks ago. It's probably the 5th monti cap that I've killed not to mention more acropora and other SPS than I can think of. I was really getting down on myself for being a bad reef keeper, and started having thoughts of giving up all together.

    Then, I stared into my chalice and zoa tamk for over an hour. I came away from that meditation session with new #reefgoals . I'm going to focus on LPS and softies for a while. Matter of fact, I'm going to make a tank filled with color and movement that would make the most avid SPS grower tip his hat in respect of the beauty this tank will have.

    Maybe you guys and gals have some LPS dominant display tanks you could share with me for inspiration! Happy reefing, folks.
  2. Victoria's 180 rebuild, Sep 26, 2017
  3. Victoria M

    The plastic back ground was a clearance item and is my #reefgoals. gotta laugh or I would just sit down and cry
  4. DIY floating light mount with 80/20 extruded aluminum, Jul 21, 2017
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  6. mdbannister

    Not sure if this one has been posted yet, but here's Chingchai's 1000gal SPS Tank before it was moved to his restaurant. CRAZY AWESOME! #reefgoals #dreamBIG