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    Tigger & Tisbe Pods, Jan 2, 2018
  1. NS Mike D

    getting ready to set up a tigger tank, changed my monthly subscription from tisbe's to tiggers. for now my fuge will have to do along with frozen to feed my mandarin.

    I have a lot of rubble rock that i have been slowly adding to my two fuges and DT to create more safe places for the pods and plan on adding to my pod tank. they have been curing in a heated, pump circulated bucket for a few weeks, but I'll add bacteria to make sure the pod tank can handle the ammonia.

    I like the idea of of also adding cheato to the pod tank. I'm not worried about contamination. since the rock has been curing with water from my DT and the cheato will also be coming from my tank, I expect there will be some degree of variety of micro fauna with it's own food chain. That's fine by me. If I observe that the tigger population has dwindled below a level acceptable to me, I am sure our friends at #reefnutrition , via the retailer near me, would be happy to help me restock the population.

    ... and after this, I'll restart the brine shrimp system.
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