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    Red Hair Algae...., Feb 21, 2019
  1. BellaCoop

    It is looking a LOT better! I moved all the corals out of the way, took them out and gave the edges a little brush with a tooth brush, went through everything that had it on there and brushed it off. Sucked up the sand and vacuumed all of it out, turned the flow very high so any Algae left over would be spinning around the tank and put a Net to catch any left overs that would be flowing around the tank.

    It looks 80% better! With one more water change it will be cleared I am hoping.

    @FGourdin Yes i use RO and Pre Mixed salt from the same store i always use. It may have came on a coral i got i was thinking because my tanks are always pretty good and clean. When i was doing more research it just reproduces super fast!

    Thank you all for your advice!! I considered it all and wanted to try this first before i made any big changes with the tank! Thank you R2R truly have one of the best communities!
  2. Help, Feb 20, 2019
  3. saltyfilmfolks

    I’ve not seen stuff like that except in coral warfare. I’d look at that coral at night and look for bad bugs.

  4. Help me to understand, Feb 19, 2019
  5. Flippers4pups

    I respectfully disagree with cheap is irresponsible or disrespectful to our live stock. And I’m not god. I say this with the utmost respect.

    There are many different ways to have and keep a highly successful reef, many very simple and cheap ways to do that. Mine is an example of that. I’ve said this time and time and time again when threads like this pop up, it’s a personal choice on what equipment you choose to use and how much money is spent. Nothing wrong folks using cheap or the most expensive equipment.

    I will never tell anyone otherwise.

    I agree with the OP’s statement that this thread should stay civil and open to anyone’s point of view, but will not be allowed to turn ugly and members start flaming each other because of their “ personal choices”.

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  8. saltyfilmfolks

    Personally I wouldn’t feed dinos a carbon source.

    The dinoX reviews are mixed as anything reef.

    Let’s bump and get some eyes from the #reefsqaud.
    We’ve gotten as many dino threads as ick this past couple years. So there’s some good combined knowledge there.
  9. What kind of algae is this?, Dec 2, 2018
  10. GoVols

    Kinda sounds like "Green Turf Algae"

  11. Can someone please ID this for me, Oct 19, 2018
  12. saltyfilmfolks

    A really cool hitchhiker.
  13. Need help to identify, Oct 4, 2018
  14. saltyfilmfolks

    Without really looking at the shell , I’d kinda say no.
    The derasa is pretty easy to spot as the mantle doesn’t usually overlap the shell much. It’s well known for the wide inset of the mantle.

    If you can get one more pic of the clam wide like this we’ll see if the rest of the #reefsqaud clam heads will chime in.
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  16. glb

    Nice write-up. My guess is the new saltwater you added might have raised the Alk a little. It’s not that much of a jump. I’d just keep an eye on it. As far as your other questions, I think #reefsqaud might be able to help
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  18. HotRocks

    #reefsqaud, Any Ideas here?