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    My Solution to My Chemistry Issues...., Jul 31, 2018
  1. glb

    Nice write-up. My guess is the new saltwater you added might have raised the Alk a little. It’s not that much of a jump. I’d just keep an eye on it. As far as your other questions, I think #reefsqaud might be able to help
  2. Weird slugs in my tank, Jul 27, 2018
  3. HotRocks

    #reefsqaud, Any Ideas here?
  4. Random star critter, Jun 5, 2018
  5. BellaCoop

    I was out of state recently and got bubble tip that is doing amazing and some corals as well. I notice this little guy that popped up and was wandering if I should get him out before he disappears. I have 2 sand shifters. But I am pretty sure this one needs to be taken out.

  6. Little guys on my new zoa’s, Mar 23, 2018
  7. BellaCoop

    This was on my Zoa’s That I just got. Im thinking it could be some type of slug. Any ideas #reefsqaud

  8. Slimy stuff on my rocks, Dec 3, 2017
  9. saltyfilmfolks


    Does it blow off easy? Come off in clumps or like dust?

    Let's #reefsqaud too.
  10. Baby sea snake? Definitely doesn't look like a bristle worm., Oct 21, 2017
  11. Flippers4pups

    #reefsqaud take a look!
  12. My 30 gal. Jbj rl has arrived !!, Jan 9, 2017
  13. Chrisfish

    Happy new year everyone!
    In my last post I was pretty sure I would be breaking down my tank. Well I've thought long and hard and I just can't do it. I love my piece of the ocean and it brings lots of peace to me, But I will be simplyfying it so that I can still maintain it. A few fish will be re-homed and I will be doing less coral. Thank you to those that responded with encouragement and kindness, and thank you to R2R!!! I'll update this thread as the changes occur.:) Thank you to my #reefsqaud friends as well, I love being a part of this awesome team!!
  14. Tank won't cycle, Sep 28, 2016
  15. Shep

    Maybe toss part of a table shrimp or get some ammonia to help, also have they been zero since the start? #reefsqaud thoughts?
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