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    Filtration system for 540 gallon reef tank, Nov 27, 2018
  1. EriktheRed

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    I just purchased a used 540 gallon Oceanic aquarium. I will be going to pick it up in mid-December and have already started building a sturdy stand for it. Obviously, it will be going in my basement, as my early 1900s farmhouse-style home does not have the structure to support such a massive tank in its 2 x 8 floor joists.

    My question has to do with what type of filtration system I should build. I am planning on setting this up as a large reef system. I already have the heating (recirculating domestic hot water system) and chilling (1hp AquaLogic chiller) figured out. I also have a Korallin S-4002 Biodentrator I can hook into the system. I have an external Reeflo 2hp Power Pump ready to use on this installation.

    Here is what I was thinking for the filtration. I have a 125 gallon All-Glass tank that I could fit under the 540 gallon tank that would act as a large refugium. I could then connect it to a 90 gallon Marineland aquarium that would contain filtration media, bioballs, and an internal skimmer. As far as the filtration media is concerned, I figured I could place one or more ESHOPPS trickle filters inside of the 90 gallon tank. The water from the overflows would go through the trickle filter (containing the filter padding and bioballs) and then go through the bottom into the 90 gallon tank itself. The water would pass around and through the skimmer and then go over into the refugium. I would drill holes into the bottom of the trickle filter box and elevate the box using acrylic standoffs to accomplish this.

    I want this system to have a high throughput while still maintaining excellent mechanical pre-filtration of the water.

    This is where I am in the though process. I have several questions:

    1. How would I connect the 90 gallon filter tank with the 125 gallon refugium? Holes drilled into the sides of each aquarium with bulkheads?

    2. How would I prepare the 125 gallon tank to act as a refugium? Would I black out the sides of the tank, install dividers to channel the water flow through the tank?

    3. What should I place into the refugium (I have never set one up before)? A sand bed? Live rock? Plants?

    4. What type of lighting should I use over the refugium?

    5. Finally, I am open to other suggestions on how to install filtration media and bioballs into a naked aquarium.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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  3. Reefer805

    Got the refugium set up today! Chaeto and all! Here’s to nutrient export! #reeftank #reeftankbuild #upgrade #chaetomorpha #macroalgae #refugium #allmymoneygoestocoral #darkhorsereef